Investment Management in the gaze of all the major American economic indicators and is the first part

The country’s economic situation to further the amount as material for the economic indicators, there is the world of individual investors and institutional investors,the economic indicators and various statistics are particularly watchful for indicators a result of any stocks or foreign exchange, of course, many financial products the demand has changed that. With American economic indicators for the particularly sensitive.

【Here】Low risk high return!? IPO shares in investment management before the prequels

It’s not the American of the economic indicators in particular have drawn attention,every 1st Friday of the JST 21: 30 PM [in winter at 22: 30], U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that employment data only. America’s unemployment rate and non-farm payrolls,working hours per week, average hourly wage, including more than a dozen items about the results to be announced.

As for the Employment Situation, personal income and consumer spending, such as direct access to content, and even future economic trends also have a great impact on the world. Then, the indicators of the results of material as the American Central Bank [FED]interest rate policy decision for the indicator immediately after the announcement the stock and foreign exchange, including many of the financial instruments the value of active movement and.

That is, the employment situation is good, and are judged, the FED monetary tightening to shift to,policy interest rate hike to lead. As a result the stock price is falling,depreciation of the dollar, and bond prices will fall. Conversely, the employment situation is getting worse, and are judged, the FED monetary easing to aim for,the interest rate of interest rate cuts lead to. The result is, of course, higher stock prices,the yen against the dollar, bond prices rise.

Then, the stock price linked to the products and of course,stock price movements in reaction to price fluctuations as well. For example, a rise in stock prices, aspect crude oil demand for crude oil high and safe assets and gold[gold]prices fall. Thus, for 1 of the indicators of the announcement, many financial products are linked to see.

Incidentally, the employment report as good or bad, about than last time on what went down from the viewpoint, not before the announcement to be published in the Economist’s median forecast than good or bad in the determined. In the event of a major outside groups or street, it’s just each of the financial products price change in a strong impact. [Article: 小林弘 Zhuo・The article list to look at]

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