"Ion feeling" that does not shake even 1 mm of AEON Mall in Vietnam

VietnamWhen I went on a trip, I was surprised that there were almost no supermarkets in the city. Living in a meat shop and vegetables in a grocery store is human-like. However, it is a little inconvenient to buy souvenirs and sweets.

So if you search for “supermarket” on your smartphone,AEON MALLIsn't it a hit? It seems that AEON has expanded overseas, not only with local cities. What aggressive! ReallyWhat is Vietnamese Aeon …?

・ Illustration in Moro

Aeon Mall is a strong ally of local people. It takes one hour each way from my countryside [Tottori] by car, but when I was at my parents' house I went to Aeon in a week. BecauseNowhere else to goIt is body.

Vietnam's Aeon seems to be on the outskirts of the center. Running a taxi for 30 minutes. The appearance of AEON MALL finally appeared …

Almost the same as Japan!

Even if they say, "It's a store in XX prefecture," I guess there are few Japanese people who doubt. Vietnam Aeon is so exquisite “Ionish appearance” Was formed.

There is a cafe at the entrance on the first floor …

The feeling of the plants covering the building is also moronic.

Numerous motorcycles parked in the bicycle parking area barely convey “Vietnameseness”.

・ Ion inside

When you enter the building, you can see the famous "Daiso" in Japan.

The place that is "100,000 VND [approximately 189 yen] uniform" instead of 100 yen is Vietnamese, but …

The product lineup is completely consistent with Japan.

Apparel shops line the eaves on the first floor of the atrium floor, and …

After a while, the center may look like an event spaceExquisite ionIt is.

・ Super ion too

The location, which can be called a AEON MALL's home art, is said to be a supermarket if you go on the first floor.

The occupancy rate of the cash register lined up with may be higher than in Japan.

The area where alcohol and gift-like things are piled up in front of the cash register is intensely ionized.

There was a line at the fish shop in Tsukiji, which is opening a fancy store.

You can tell that the sushi and sashimi that are sold do not need to be eaten by looking at their vines. It must have been decided to be such a good thing.

The fresh food corner starts from the vegetable counter to surround the grocery store.

And dairy products …

Continue with meat …

The point where ancient fish-like fish were sold in the fresh fish corner can be said to be Vietnamese …

At the center of the aisle, the sales floors are arranged like a “go-go”, and…

Until the trap where you accidentally put extra sweets in the basket in front of the cash register,Ion to perfectionIt is.

The bulletin board that seems to be "customer's voice" is also completely reproduced!

・ Thoroughly ion

Even if you walk on the upper floor, from color scheme to BGM, this is it! WhenIonic elements attack one after another.

After passing through the tenants across the atrium, …

Appearing food court …

If you go further, it suddenly enters a zone with a different atmosphere …

A rack of children's clothes and underwear continues endlessly …

Baby goods and bedding corner on the wall ……

If there is a game center for kids …

The Kumon style classroom stands quietly …

Toilet and smoking area at the end of the passage. Just looking at this scene where the sofa and vending machine are placed, if it is a Japanese, it is "Aeon"Instant confidenceShould do it.

・ What is ionic?

There are many chains of supermarkets nationwide. However, the structure often differs depending on the store, and it is difficult to assign a store name at a glance. When you go there, you can understand that Aeon is a character written on the price tag, "This is the font of Aeon."The feature is that there is no difference between storesIt can also be said.

As mentioned earlier, AEON MALL is a place where local people are particularly considerate. I sighed, "Is it an ion again?"

In the process, we unknowingly master the "how to turn around", and if you hear "ion", you will feel at easeMaybe you were trained …?

This means thatNo matter where you go in Japan, you can shop immediatelyI'm saying that. No, not Japan but this is Vietnam's Aeon, but I knew "what direction is what".

"I'm not surprised, but I'm not disappointed." Isn't it possible to escape from the absolute stability of such ions?で も Never shake in Vietnam "Strong ionic feeling" I felt the most comfortable on this trip. At the same time,"A body that cannot live without ions"I was a little scared of what might have been …

・ Detailed data of facilities introduced this time

Name of facilityAEON Mall Long Biên
Street addressAeon Mall, số, 27 Đường Cổ Linh, Long Biên, Hà Nội 100000 Vietnam

Report:Ikuna Kamezawa

Photo: RocketNews24.

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