Ion,19 years 3~11 month period of the accounting fraud in deficit in 23 years in President and CEO announced

■The final deficit is also a real record performance

Major distribution group of the Aeon [8267]for 10 days over 20 years after the 2 month period 3rd quarter consolidated financial results announced. Operating revenue compared with the same period last year 0. 8%, an increase of 6 trillion 3,870 billion 500 million yen, but operating income is the same 5. 4%, a decrease of 1,030 billion 8,100 million yen,ordinary income of 15. 3 percent to 933 million 7,300 million, the final profit is 63,4 billion 300 million yen [compared with 6 billion 3,000 million yen of surplus]deficit announced.

【Here】Ion,food waste halved to food manufacturers 21 companies and international projects to

Incidentally, the forecasts of change is not going. Progress 3Q at the time,operating revenue is 74. 3%, operating profit of 44. 8%,ordinary income of 42. 4% and were weak remained. However, the final profit of the deficit, and 1Q collectively recorded for the consolidated second-tier subsidiary that is a custom found in financial statement fraud for the fixed effects, and excluding the impact of the real’s 3Q in operating income 1,122 billion and record profit, the final profit of 4.5 billion yen surplus and a favorable settlement was.

■GMS Business profit / loss improvement and overseas sales

Japan’s representative a leading distribution company of ions. Supermarkets and retail businesses from banks and credit cards, etc financial business and actively. In recent years, the Corporation has GMS[supermarkets business] by the deficit,Finance and real estate [Aeon Mall, etc., operations] are supported by all, and 3Q in the GMS Business, the deficit is shrinking, and profit improvement.

In addition, China and ASEAN countries for our overseas business, we are committed,area-specific operating profit share is 16 years 2 months 3Q at 4. 5% was the most recent 3Q at the time of up to 20% which is expanding its. The ASEAN area and in the interests of the establishment and China in the area of profitable success, the lion’s overseas strategy has gradually blossomed into that situation.

■23 years of President

Also on the same day,from 1997 to Aeon Group’s growth,the founding Runaways themselves of 岡田元也 Representative Executive Officer, President and Group CEO Director & Representative Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board,Yoshida, Akio, Representative Executive Officer Vice President, Representative Executive Officer President and Human Resources announced.

Ion from its inception 51 years to 2020, the 23 years of President turns to. Yoshida is through employees, currently the President concurrently. Ion of the developer business to a tow track record.

The Foundation of the landlord-led management structure and was the founding home other than through the employee to the President he to the rapidly changing distribution industry to survive we do. However, continue to Okada, the President as the Chairman influence to maintain the pattern. Operating income improved about the GMS Business, but continue to be the deficit is continuing, and Yoshida, President as top as to become so. [Article: 拓蔵・The article list to look at]

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