Ion,food waste halved to food manufacturers 21 companies and international projects to

Ion is 11, the”10×20×30 food waste reduction initiative”of the Japanese project, the domestic food manufacturers 21 companies with close to firing revealed. The US think tank WRI the call of the world’s leading retailers 11 companies,suppliers and the entire supply chain of food waste by half to tackle the project, the domestic led initiatives to.

【Here】By 2025 food waste by half,ions reduction targets.

Ion led Japan to participate in the project supplier Ajinomoto, Ito EN,Kikkoman,Nissin Foods,Yamazaki baking, such as food manufacturers 21 companies. Lion and the 21 companies of the WRI advocates”goal-setting・calculation・action”initiatives and practices, each with their own issues based on initiatives, determining,by 2030 food waste by half aim action to start.

Led the role of ions in-house food waste by half we will strive, not only to food other than various industries and shoppers and trade,with contacts utilizing,food manufacturers required to provide information,partner referrals advance.

In the world is the United States of Wal-Mart, Sweden IKEA, IKEA hood, the German Metro group, such as 11 companies led, to the respective suppliers and food waste by half towards the move. In Asia, the initiative is to serve as retail enterprises is only.

According to the food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the total population of 9 people to 1 person that hit about 8 billion people have adequate nutrition and take on the other hand, as food production was just 3 minutes of 1 year, which is equivalent to 13 billion tons are discarded. In the future, Africa and South Asia, such as in developing countries, population explosion is predicted to only,food waste issues global issues have emerged.

The United Nations is Towards 2030 for the Sustainable Development Goals [SDGs], the retail and consumption stages of the food waste by half after the Ion it is 5 years ahead in a way that by 2025 food waste reducing by half the targets, initiatives have entered. [Article: Takada, Yasushi・The article list to look at]

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