"IOS 13.3" update released, Safari now supports FIDO2 security key

The US Apple started providing iOS 13 update "iOS 13.3" on December 10 (local time).

After the update, Safari will support FIDO2 compliant security keys (NFC, USB, Lightning). In the Web service corresponding to FIDO2, it becomes possible to enhance security using a security key in a two-step authentication process.

  • Safari supports FIDO2 compliant security keys

    FIDO2-compliant security key "YubiKey 5Ci"

Other improvements include “photographs”, “screen time” and “stock price”. The Photos app can now create new video clips while trimming the video. “Screen Time” allows parental controls to manage the contacts displayed on a child ’s device, allowing parents to limit their child ’s FaceTime, messages, and calls. The “Stock Price” app has improved navigation so that you can continue to browse linked articles, related articles, and articles from the same publication. In countries where "News" is provided, the operation of the Like / Dislike function of the app has been improved.

Also, you may not be able to download new messages in "Mail", the cursor may freeze after long pressing the space bar, the problem that you can not save to "Photos" by some operations in the screenshot, some Includes fixes for several bugs, such as the wireless charger's charging speed becoming slower than the specification.

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