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iOS 13.3 will be available this week? Vietnamese communication carrier documents suggest-Engadget Japan edition

This was revealed from the website of Vietnamese mobile carrier Viettel. The company's eSIM service for Apple Watch will be available from Friday, December 13, and watchOS 6.1.1 and iOS 13.3 are required as operating conditions. In other words, it is assumed that updates will be distributed until Friday of this fall.

The US Apple-related information site 9to5Mac usually expects it to be delivered by Wednesday (11th), as Apple usually releases updates on Tuesday or Wednesday.

In the beta version of iOS 13.3,Introduce “restrict communication” in screen timeWas confirmed. This is a so-called parental control that allows parents to constrain their child's device usage. You can set who the child can contact and from when to when, and it applies to the phone, FaceTime and messaging apps.

And in Beta 2Compatible with FIDO2 physical security keyAnd “authentication by inserting it into the Lightning port” was also possible. In addition, there is a report that the option to use the standard emoji only by disabling the Moji sticker has been added.

These new features have only been confirmed in the beta version under development, and may not be introduced in the official distribution version. Although,Report that the background forced repair bug was fixed(Although iOS 13.2.3 also announced bug fixes), I would also like to expect improved performance.

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