iOS 13.4 available, trackpad and mouse compatible iPadOS 13.4

Apple released iOS 13.4 and iPadOS 13.4 on March 25. Sales start on the same dayNew iPad ProAccording toWas foretoldWith the version, iCloud Drive folder sharing is enabled in the “Files” app. IPadOS 13.4 will also support a new trackpad and mouse optimized for the operating system's user interface.

  • iOS 13.4

    iOS 13.4

In iOS / iPadOS 13.4, a new Memoji sticker has been added, and the Mail app has an always-on control that lets you delete, move, reply, and compose messages in the thread view.

In addition, "A black screen appears in the viewfinder after starting the camera", "Mobile data communication is incorrectly displayed as" Off "in" Settings "," Sign in to Yahoo! Japan account in "Settings" Many bug fixes / improvements such as "cannot".

  • iPadOS 13.4

    iPadOS 13.4

The main contents of this update are as follows. Updates for only iPadOS 13.4 and iOS 13.4 and updates common to both OSs are shown.

Update contents only for iPadOS 13.4

Compatible with mouse and trackpad

  • New cursor design highlights home screen and Dock app icons, and app buttons and controls
  • Supports Magic Keyboard for iPad on 12.9-inch iPad Pro (3rd generation or later) and 11-inch iPad Pro (1st generation or later)
  • Compatible with Magic Mouse, Magic Mouse 2, Magic Trackpad, Magic Trackpad 2, and third-party Bluetooth and USB mice
  • Multi-touch gestures for Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad 2 for iPad, scroll, swipe between app spaces, go to home screen, access app switcher, zoom in / out, tap and click, secondary button click (right click) And swipe between pages
  • Magic Mouse 2's multi-touch gestures allow you to scroll, click secondary buttons (right-click), and swipe between pages


  • Live note conversion automatically converts note to note without pressing the space bar to convert text or select a candidate
  • Japanese live conversion automatically converts hiragana automatically without pressing the space bar to convert text or select candidates
  • 12.9-inch iPad Pro supports Swiss German keyboard layout
  • Changed 12.9-inch iPad Pro's on-screen keyboard to the same layout as Smart Keyboard

Update details for iOS 13.4 only


  • CarPlay dashboard compatible with third-party navigation apps
  • Display call information on CarPlay dashboard

Bug fixes and bug fixes

  • Added status bar indicator that appears when VPN is disconnected on iPhone models with full screen display
  • Addressed an issue where CarPlay connectivity could be lost on certain vehicles
  • Fixed an issue where the map display of "Map" in CarPlay could be slightly away from the current area

iOS / iPadOS 13.4 Common Updates

Me character

  • Added 9 new Memoji stickers (Smile & Heart, Sorry, Party Face, etc.)


  • iCloud Drive folder sharing is possible with the “Files” app
  • Restrict access to only those who explicitly request access, or allow access to anyone who knows the folder link
  • Set permissions to only modify and upload files, or view and download files


  • Add an always visible control to the thread view that lets you delete, move, reply, and compose messages
  • Reply to encrypted mail is automatically encrypted when S / MIME is set

App Store and Apple Arcade

  • Universal purchase support allows you to purchase a specific app once and use it on all your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac and Apple TV
  • Recently played Arcade games now appear in the “Arcade” tab, allowing you to continue playing on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV
  • Added "Show All Games" list view

Augmented reality

  • AR Quick Look now supports audio playback in USDZ files


  • Supports Arabic predictive input

Bug fixes and bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a black screen might appear in the viewfinder after launching “Camera”
  • Addresses an issue where "Photos" appear to use excessive storage
  • Addresses an issue that could prevent sharing images from "Photos" to "Messages" when iMessage was disabled
  • Fixed an issue where the order of messages in "Mail" might be out of order
  • Addressed an issue where an "Email" thread could show an empty line
  • Addressed an issue where tapping the "Share" button in Quick Look would sometimes crash "Email"
  • Fixed an issue where mobile data communication was incorrectly displayed as off in “Settings”
  • Fixed an issue where you could not sign in to Yahoo! Japan account in "Settings"
  • Addressed an issue where Safari would sometimes not flip web pages when both Dark Mode and Invert (Smart) were turned on
  • Addressed an issue where text copied from web content would not be displayed when dark mode was on
  • Fixed an issue where CAPTCHA tiles might not be displayed properly in Safari
  • Addressed an issue where new notifications might not be issued until "Reminders" marked repeated overdue reminders as done
  • Addressed an issue where notifications about reminders that were performed in “Reminders” may be sent
  • Fixed an issue where iCloud Drive would appear to be available in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote even when not signed in
  • Addresses an issue where music videos on Apple Music might not stream at high quality
  • Addressed an issue where tapping the activity notification from the security camera in the “Home” app could open another recording
  • Addressed an issue where tapping the "Share" menu from a screenshot would not always display the "shortcut"
  • Improved Burmese keyboard with punctuation accessible from numbers and symbols

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