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iOS 13 privacy protection reduces background location tracking by 68%? Survey results announced-Engadget Japan


In iOS 13, released last fall, users are actively notified of background location tracking by the app, with the option to turn it off each time.

Studies have shown that location changes collected in the background have decreased by 68% after such changes. There are two main changes regarding location data collection in iOS 13. First, if your app uses your location in the background, it periodically pops up to let you know that you ’re currently granting permission,Presents the option to turn it off.

Another option is to set a per-app setting to ask for permission every time you access your location. This is available from the iOS Settings app> [Privacy]> [Location Services].

FastCompany reports that the combination of the two has reduced background location collection by 68% and foreground [while the app is open] by 24%.

How to access location information even on Android 10Added the option "Only when using the app". According to a Google spokeswoman, this option is still more likely to be chosen.

However, experts have reported that IP addresses are likely to be used instead of GPS for location tracking. While apps and websites can collect this data over mobile lines or Wi-Fi networks, iOS and Android do not offer built-in controls to prevent it.

However, it is also stated that IP addresses are less accurate than GPS, and it is impossible to specify the visited shop or the place where lunch was eaten. Furthermore, when using public Wi-Fi, many people use a VPN [Virtual Private Network] application for safety, which also makes tracking difficult.

A VPN is a mechanism that provides a virtual dedicated line on the Internet to prevent third parties from seeing it. In short, what you see from the app is where the VPN server is located, and the location of the user is hidden as a result.

On the other hand, in the case of a left-behind application such as "user wants to collect location information"Some say that pop-ups often appear and re-approval is inconvenient. With regard to location tracking, there is still plenty of room to balance such "convenience" and "privacy protection".


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