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iPad mini reviewed with iPadOS 13.4. In fact, it may be the strongest mobile environment (Masaichi Honda)-Engadget Japan Version

iPad miniLast year, the iPad mini has been updated for a long time. The compact case showed even greater potential in the iPadOS release last fall. The floating display of the software keyboard supports an environment where you can easily enter characters with one hand.

iPadOS 13.4In addition, various improvements have been made to support operations using the Japanese input environment and mouse / trackpad. It can be used like a personal computer. These are conscious of iPad Pro, but of course you can also use low-priced unbranded iPad and iPad mini.

So I checked the comfort of iPad mini at hand and compatibility with peripheral devices. No, I was just going to check it, but this is so much fun, isn't this the best mobile environment in urban areas? You can use it comfortably as you think.

Finally here! "Replacing a PC with an iPad" has become a reality

The iPad mini is perfect for reading books and magazines, and for checking small documents. Although it is an intuitive expression, it is attractive that you can work with a "feeling like stationery size".

And if you want to write on documents, you can write freely with Apple Pencil. I was very able to sympathize with this light stationery-like operation feeling and world view, but only text input was a little … However, character input is still the basis of various tasks. Therefore, attempts to add a keyboard to the iPad mini for minimal mobile computing [dead language] had been made for some time.

That's why when I combined it with a compact wireless keyboard, I felt the new potential of the iPad mini as I used it.

For example, the first photo is a Microsoft folder bull keyboard. It is not sold at present, but it can be folded and compact.

iPad miniiPad mini

Is the display too small? There may be voices, but personally there is no problem at all. In addition, if you place an icon for adjusting the font size in the Control Center, you can easily adjust the font size.

The key to using it like a Mac is the trackpad

Since the first iPad was released in 2007, it was clear from the large number of iPad-compatible keyboards that many would have tried to use it as a new personal computer to replace the conventional personal computer, but on the extension of smartphones The freedom of the iPad, which was only available in Japan, was low and could not be used as a substitute for a personal computer.

But with iPadOS 13.4, it's finally coming to life. Until now, split windows, file applications, the introduction of Smart Keyboard, etc. had been working on the iPad computer, but this version finally supports the trackpad and mouse.

Since the accuracy of Japanese conversion has improved considerably here, can you work in earnest with this guy? Some people have begun to think. The keyboard shortcuts are highly compatible with Macs, so if you had a keyboard, you could use your MacBook Pro and iPad while switching and using them.

For example, if you call Spotlight with "⌘ + space" and enter the application name, you can start the application without touching the touch panel. This is the same for Mac and iPad. In addition, the behavior of various shortcuts is unified. As you may know, the keyboard shortcut is displayed when you hold down the command key [Windows key for Windows keyboard]. If you haven't used it yet, give it a try.

iPad mini

Well, that extended to trackpad operation, in preparation for the launch of Magic Keyboard. While Magic Keyboard is very attractive, it is also expensive enough to buy an unbranded iPad. So I looked for other alternative devices, but the conclusion is that the key to high operability lies in the trackpad.

In other words, if you use multi-finger gestures on the trackpad, you can only use Apple's genuine Magic Trackpad 2. In other words, any keyboard can be used as long as it supports iPadOS and iOS.

Magic Mouse 2 only moves forward / back / left / right scrolling

iPad mini

The reason I decided to try this was to remember that I happened to have a Microsoft foldable keyboard, but initially I wanted to combine a portable thin mouse.

Among them, Apple's genuine Magic Mouse 2 was considered as a strong candidate. Perform multi-finger gestures on the back of the mouse to invoke Mac mission control and switch between full screen apps.

For the gesture operation, Magic Trackpad 2 is the best because it can use all gestures, but since it was written on Apple's web page as "Supported", I decided that it could be used on iPad OS.

I purchased it and tried it, but unfortunately I couldn't use multi-finger gestures.

iPad mini

Although it is a hindrance that it is a failure for expensive expenditures, the problem was not there, but I thought that a compact mouse would be easier to carry. However, there seems to be no other option than using Magic Trackpad 2 [of course you don't have to stick if you just want an ordinary pointing device].

However, once you get this, you will be able to operate it like a MacBook. But Apple, please consider using Magic Mouse 2 in the future.

Pay attention to keyboard layout for iOS

So, there may be Chinese-style choices such as dare to drop the lightness and use the wireless model of Happy Hacking Keyboard, but one thing to note is the keyboard layout.

When a wireless keyboard is connected to iPadOS, even a JIS keyboard will be recognized as an ASCII layout. The arrangement of the alphabets is the same, but the symbols are mostly different.

Some keyboards have a JIS layout but also have ASCII layout characters, but in any case, choose a keyboard that is compatible with iOS and iPadOS.

For example, in the case of the above-mentioned Happy Hacking Keyboard, by setting the mode to Mac mode, all characters could be entered exactly as shown. Or even better, if you choose a keyboard with an English layout, you don't need to worry about compatibility and it may be refreshing.

iPad mini

In my case, like thisLenovo ThinkPad keyboard[I use the old generation]. I use JIS array model, so I have to read the symbols, but TrackPoint can be used without any problem.

You can use it with iPad mini and koizu, and Apple Pencil for writing, or add Magic Trackpad 2. It would be nice to be able to use them properly depending on the mood and work content at that time, and the size of the desks that can be used.

iPad mini

On the train, as shown in the photo above, I use them side by side on a tote bag, but when I am standing, I float the software keyboard and type with my thumb of one hand. The small and lightweight iPad mini is easy to handle even on a train.

So, the new iPad Pro has just appeared, but isn't the iPad mini surprisingly fit in urban life?


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