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iPad Pro shows its true value with iPadOS 13.4. Apde is inevitable without buying a new model-Engadget Japan version

ipad pro 2020This is Hiromi Yuzuki, a writer who works only on iPad. By the way, it may already have arrived to you today. New iPad Pro (2020) Have you bought it yet? Or are you still worried about buying one?

I purchased an iPad Pro with 11 inches, space gray, 256GB storage and Wi-Fi + Cellular. 11 inches because I want compactness and lightness that fits in any bag. Since iCloud has a 2TB capacity, the storage is a little less 256GB. I feel that the mobility that can be used crisply on the go is the appeal of the iPad, so it is the choice of Wi-Fi + Cellular.

ipad pro 2020

First, the following three points have been updated in the new iPad Pro (2020).

  • 10MP super wide angle camera for two eyes
  • AR is more advanced with LiDAR scanner
  • TrueDepth camera also supports portrait mode in selfie

Many people are reviewing the appeal of the new model in advance in the Japanese version of Engadget, so please look there as well.

Is this iPad Pro (2020) a buy? If you have a 9.7-inch or 10.5-inch iPad Pro, you can switch to it. And if you're doing video production on your iPhone and iPad, buy a new model. The biggest difference is the new 10MP super wide angle camera.

ipad pro 2020

The in-camera is now a TrueDepth camera, and Selphy now supports portrait mode. You may think that because you don't take a selfie on an iPad, but the advantage of shooting on an iPad is that the monitor is large. The point is that you can check the details in real time to see if they are the image you aimed at.

In addition, with the LiDAR scanner installed, AR apps may be fun in the future. Here is where we want to look forward to the availability of compatible apps.

The main things you can do with iPadOS 13.4

New iPad Pro (2020) for the time beingIPadOS 13.4 started distribution on Wednesday, March 25I think that by updating to and using external accessories, you will be able to use it completely new.

Let's start by updating your iPad's OS.

What you can do with iPadOS 13.4

  • Magic Trackpad 2 can be connected. Multi-touch and gesture support
  • Connection with Magic Mouse is also possible. Allow scrolling and secondary button click. Mouse supports other companies' products
  • Trackpad and mouse can be connected at the same time
  • Game controller can be connected
  • iCloud Drive folder sharing is now possible. Share using a URL without an Apple ID

These features are available on all iPad Pro, iPad 5th generation or later, iPad Air 2 or later, and iPad mini 4th generation or later.

In addition, the "Magic Keyboard" with a trackpad scheduled to be released in May will allow you to use it more PC-like.

Do I need a trackpad for my iPad? How do you use the keyboard?

ipad pro 2020

That's why Magic Trackpad 2 can be used on iPad. Is there any need for the concept of a cursor on an iPad that can directly touch the screen and give instructions?

At first I thought so, but after trying it my mind changed.

The combination of Magic Trackpad 2 and iPad Pro is very comfortable. Rather than simply saying that the cursor appears on the screen, it is more convenient to support multi-touch and gestures. And best of all, it can connect with Apple Pencil and Magic Mouse at the same time. For example, you can use Magic Trackpad 2 in your left hand and Apple Pencil in your right hand, and use your left hand to switch apps with gestures and write notes.

However, when it comes to portability, it's a matter of controversy as to whether or not to carry the Magic Trackpad 2. The weight of a single unit is 231g. Given that the iPhone 11 Pro weighs 188g, it weighs as much as one device per bag.

ipad pro 2020

The weight of the 11-inch iPad Pro body is 468 g, and the Smart Keyboard Folio is 296 g. When combined with Magic Trackpad 2, there is a total of 995g. However, the newly released MacBook Air 13.3 inch (2020 model) is 1.29 kg, so it might be an ant if you think "about 300 g lighter than MacBook".

Expectations for the Magic Keyboard released in May will increase if this operability is comfortable, but it is better if the weight is as light as possible …

Magic Trackpad 2 is priced differently in color: silver is 12,800 yen (excl. Tax) and space gray is 14,800 yen (excl. Tax). There is no genuine case to carry, so we plan to put it in a small pouch at the moment. Wait for a case that fits perfectly and can be bound to your iPad.

Choosing between MacBook Air or iPad Pro?

With the release of iPadOS 13.4, many people think, "Is this a computer anymore?" If the difference in operability disappears so far, it will be difficult to select. So I've been working on the iPad for eight years and I'll let you know about people who fit the iPad.

  • I like to take notes everyday
  • Work with a lot of whiteboard
  • I like brainstorming and using mind maps
  • Do simple photo manipulation and image cropping, but not professional
  • Never use Adobe Illustrator
  • Do not use the macro function of Microsoft Office Excel
  • Never enter a lot of numbers

For those who apply to the above, iPad is recommended. Since the iPad does not have a numeric keyboard, it is not suitable for those who want to use Excel as numbers. Since it does not support macros, it is safer to use MacBook Air for those who work mainly with Microsoft Office software.

Although many Adobe apps are free, Illustrator has not yet been released. It would be nice to say that you would buy in anticipation of the future, but it is not suitable for those who do trafficking at this time.

For Apple Pencil, those who do not regularly take notes and whiteboards will use less.

However, the iPad is great for creative work that can add another area of ​​your head. The best thing about it is that you can create, share, and show it on one device. I think it will be a very useful buddy as a production tool, so take that part into consideration.

Please refer to the following article for information on how to use the iPad.

Smart Keyboard Folio updated smaller?

As an aside, here is some important information for those who are planning to use the iPad with this new model release.

This time, the Smart Keyboard Folio for iPad Pro has been updated to match the new iPad Pro. I don't know because there is no announcement from Apple, but the material has changed slightly and the color seems to be slightly darker.

ipad pro 2020
I carry and use my iPad every day, 365 days a year. As a result, the Smart Keyboard Folio has deteriorated slightly. Because it is put in the bag as it is, the surface of the cover is shaved and glossy (in a sense, it can be called vintage style …).

ipad pro 2020

The Smart Keyboard Folio purchased for the new iPad Pro has the impression that fingerprints are less likely to stick and dents are less likely. And it feels a little hardened.

When the iPad Pro is upright, it supports two parts of the photo, but if you continue to use it and the deflection in the back is loosened, the tilt angle will change slightly. (When I measured my device earlier, I found that the new model changed about 6 degrees, the old model changed about 57.4 degrees, about 3 degrees.) The new version is a specification that can withstand heavy users I can't help but hope.

In any case, the most important thing this time is the update of iPad OS 13.4, but if you want to use the super wide angle camera well, buy a new model. And look forward to the appearance of the Magic Keyboard, released in May.

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