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IPad Pro with mini LED display coming in late 2020? Rumors that suppliers are preparing-Engadget Japan

Rumors that an iPad Pro with a Mini LED display will be available have been reported several times before. Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst known for Apple insider information,I just checked it again.

Rumor has it that Apple has ordered suppliers to order mini-LEDs for the new iPad Pro in support of these observations. China Media UDN has reported the above news that Innolux, a group of LCD panel manufacturing companies in Fujisou / Taiwan Foxconn Group, has won Apple's order for the first time. The company's mini LED has brought a breakthrough, with samples already approved by Apple and preparing for the latest iPad Pro tablet display to be released later this year.

Mini LED is a technology used for liquid crystal backlights, which combines local dimming [partial drive] technology and "partially turns off the backlight" to express high-purity black while also saving power. is.

On the contrary, adoption is rumored for the next generation Apple WatchMicroLED displayIs a technology for displaying images by spreading ultra-fine LEDs. The mini LED is "a completely new display" while the mini LED is "only a conventional liquid crystal base and only the backlight is updated", and both are similar but different in name.

Nonetheless, UDN also suggests that mini-LEDs will be a stepping stone, “ will also function as a stepping stone for introducing more advanced Micro LED technology in the future '', and Apple is also very interested Also said.

In addition, mini LED backlights are expected to be smaller than conventional technologies, enabling thinner and lighter product designs. It is still expensive technology, so it is likely to be limited to high-end models at first, but if the cost goes down, it will be adopted for low-end iPad, which may make it easier to carry in a bag and easier to carry.


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