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iPhone 12 (provisional), analyst predicts that sales will be disappointing? 5G infrastructure development-Engadget Japan version

“The first year for a 5G-enabled iPhone will be disappointing for investors,” analyst Gene Munster, known for Apple-related predictions, told CNBC. “It will ultimately be a big opportunity for Apple and will play a big role in 5G, but it will take some time for the (5G) network to expand its coverage.”

US mobile carriers are generally optimistic that 5G coverage will expand by the end of 2020. According to the US 9to5Mac, Verizon executives expect that half of the US will be covered by 5G by 2020. Although,AT & T launched 5G last week in 10 regionsHowever, it is reported that the communication speed is hardly improved in addition to the restrictions that are larger than LTE.

That ’s why Munster said that sales of 5G-enabled iPhone 12 are “on the shoulders of carriers who have said they will achieve 75% coverage by the end of next year.” 75% coverage) is the best case optimism. ” In other words, even if the popularity of iPhone 12 ends in disappointment, it is the responsibility of the communication carrier that is not likely to achieve the coverage rate as promised.

According to the supply chain source informationApple forecasts iPhone 12 sales will exceed 100 million unitsI was told that I was doing. It is estimated that the user's “super cycle” (large-scale replacement demand) expected for 5G is incorporated, but speaking of 100 million, 20% from the estimated sales of the iPhone 11 series of about 80 million This is an increase.

Apple settled with Qualcomm and no longer worried about procuring 5G modem chips, but the 5G infrastructure could not be helped by itself, and there was no choice but to wait for the efforts of mobile carriers. that isSamsung and other rival companiesHowever, the situation is the same, and it seems that the management team will keep an eye on the situation to see if the 5G infrastructure development around the world is proceeding as promised.

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