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iPhone 12 (tentative) announced on September 8? From TSMC start of 3nm risk production. Latest Apple Rumors Summary-Engadget Japan Version

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Late July when the flagship iPhone 12 (tentative) series this year was announced and released, and rumors of the Apple Silicon Mac became active. I hope that the world economy will be recovering at the end of the year.

iPhone 12 (tentative) announced on September 8? From TSMC to 3nm risk production start, we will deliver the latest Apple rumors and information all together.


Engadget Japan

It is almost established that the A14 (provisional) SoC chip on the iPhone 12 this year will be manufactured in a 5 nm process. Meanwhile, it is reported that Taiwan TSMC, which has been entrusted with successive A-series chip manufacturing, has officially announced that it will start risk production of the 3nm process in 2021.

The "manufacturing process" in semiconductor production means the circuit line width, and generally speaking, the smaller the number, the higher the degree of integration and the tendency to improve power-to-performance, that is, performance and energy efficiency.

According to TSMC, 3nm will improve 10-15% in the former and 20-25% in the latter than 5nm. In other words, if the A16 (provisional) for iPhone 2022 uses 3nm technology, there is a high possibility that we can expect that much growth compared to the A14.

The A-series chips of the last few years should outperform the Android camp's Snapdragon series. However, in the speed test of the actual machine, the difference in the memory capacity that can hold the multitask application sounds,There were cases of defeat.. This year's Pro modelThere were also rumors that it would be increased from 4GB in the previous year to 6GB.However, I would like to expect a return match.


Engadget Japan

It's been two months since the 13-inch MacBook Pro with a new keyboard was announced. Then, while the new hardware products were rumored but not announced at all, a fluffy tweet was sent out saying "Some products are ready for shipment in a dream."

However, since the tweeter is L0vetodream, who has a lot of experience in hitting unreleased Apple products, various speculations are spreading. Immediately after he tweeted, the iPhone SE (2nd generation) and the new iPad Pro were released with the Magic Keyboard, and the name "macOS Big Sur" was revealed, which is a new memory.

Above all, the new iMac is regarded as influential. Sonny Dickson, who is familiar with Apple insider information, said that it will be announced at WWDC 20 "model adopting iPad Pro design grammar" and famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says "24 inch iMac" is still Not appearing. I am worried that both will be the "last Intel Mac" in a separate frame from the Apple Silicon Mac that will be released by the end of the year.

In addition, Apple's genuine lost property prevention tag "Air Tag" isA clue was discovered within iOS 13 beta at the end of 2019Since then, more than a year and a half have passed. Mr. Kuo mentioned above also predicted the release as "UWB tag" in the first half of 2020, but it may be readjusting the timing just because it overlapped with the new Corona.

A visitors walks past a 5G sign during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​Spain, February 28, 2017.REUTERS/Eric Gaillard

Eric Gaillard / Reuters

The iPhone 12 series, which is likely to be the last of all companies' high-end smartphones to be compatible with 5G. According to the supply chain information, all models are compatible with both "millimeter wave" that has high speed but narrow radio coverage and "sub 6 GHz" that has wide coverage instead of low speed.

The source of the rumors is DigiTimes, a media that knows a lot about the electronics industry in Taiwan. Earlier this month, the magazine said the iPhone 12 "millimeter wave-capable model" was shipping less than expected, and reported it as if there were another sub-6GH model. But at the end of last yearNikkei expected to install on all iPhone 12 modelsThe Snapdragon X55 is a Qualcomm second-generation 5G modem chip. Since not only millimeter waves but also sub 6 are supported, it seems natural if Nikkei coverage is correct.

Another DigiTimes report is that 2021 iPhones are considering introducing models that can communicate only either millimeter wave or sub 6 for specific markets. In other words, for markets where millimeter-wave infrastructure development is thin, options such as cutting millimeter-wave compatibility and installing a low-priced modem specialized for sub 6 to reduce costs are presumed.

For the time being, while 5G infrastructure is under construction all over the world and it is in a transitional period, we will put chips that support all frequencies… If so, this year's iPhone 12 has many overseas trips (depending on the price) It may be a bargain for people.



AirPods Studio (provisional), one of the unreleased Apple products that has been rumored for several years but has not been released. Ear pads are replaceable and have a noise canceling function, and although the price is about 37,000 yen, detailed information is being transmitted one after another, but production is delayed due to the disruption of the supply chain due to the new coronaThere was also observation..

What would you do with that operation? The news is that a patent application has been published that will give a hint to the question. There are two main points in this document entitled "Detection of Headphone Rotation". One is that the left and right earpieces have a built-in touch interface, so you can swipe down with your finger to lower the volume, or move forward to skip to the next song.

The other is a mechanism that can detect the angle of the headphones with respect to the ear and properly interpret the gesture operation. It is common to put the headband on the top of the head, around the neck, or slightly shift it, and the direction of the gesture is automatically corrected each time.

Such AirPods Studio is also positioned as a promising candidate for the above-mentioned "Apple new product that may be announced soon", but it seems that Apple may not be able to hold physical events that are easy for multiple people to show at once.

Apple Glass

SensoMotoric Instruments

In some parts, iHacktu Pro, a well-established leaker (a person who sends influential information of unknown origin), announced a new iPad on September 8th in addition to iPhone, Apple Watch and wireless charging mat AirPower. He further tweeted on October 27th that the MacBook with Apple Silicon and the 13-inch MacBook Pro will be announced.

For iPhone 12There was also a rumor that it will be released from late October to November.Immediately after that, all the unreleased products listed here are rumored to be released many times this year.

It's also interesting to note that if the October 27 event is "not online (physical event)," Apple Glass–or glasses-like lightweight AR devices, is also unveiled. It is said that it will be released in 2023 and will be announced at 2021 at the earliest, but it seems that a physical event that is "actually wearable" is desirable due to the nature of the device.

Anyway, there was a precedent in the iPhone event in September and the new iPad Pro announcement in October. In addition to that, the iPhone 12 series is expected to not include a charger, and it may be convincing to announce it at the same time as the wireless charging mat AirPower.

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