iPhone basic "ki" 375th New feature of iOS 13-"File" app can easily scan documents

iOS has a function to take a paper document with a camera and convert it to PDF. Previously it was one of the functions of the “Memo” app, but in iOS 13, it can now be used as a “File”. The generated PDF can be saved directly to iCloud or other storage.

How to create and save PDF with "File"

The “File” app has the ability to scan documents and create PDFs. The created PDF is saved as it is in “File”.

  • Open "File", open the folder where you want to save the PDF, and tap "…" at the top [if you don't have it, it will come out if you lower the screen a little] → "Scan Document"

  • When the camera starts, put the document on the screen. Automatically shoot when paper is recognized. Multiple sheets can be scanned continuously. If the background color has contrast, it will be easier to recognize.

  • Save as “Scanned Document [+ Number]” → Can view, share, markup, etc. just like normal PDF

  • If you want to change the file name, press and hold the icon, then "Rename" → enter the file name and "Done" Even if you do not enter the extension, it is attached when viewed on a PC

How to correct the reading range or set it manually

If you have manually pressed the shutter without confirming the scanning range, or if you want to scan a part of a large piece of paper, set it manually.

  • If the scanning range cannot be confirmed automatically, press the shutter button manually → Move the circles at the four corners with your finger to correct the range → Tap “Keep Scan”

You can also scan another document after tapping "Keep scan".

Convenient use of scanned documents

If documents are digitized, they can be used in various ways. It is also recommended for organizing paper that has accumulated around you.

  • Search: Search by file name, tag, creation date, etc. Unlike photos, it is convenient to combine multiple pages into one file. For scraps of newspapers, magazines, posters, etc.

  • Markup: You can use markup that allows you to write by handwriting or drawing / text. It can be used to add annotations to paper documents and materials that cannot be written. Using a stylus [touch pen] is recommended

  • Attach to Calendar: Materials stored in iCloud storage can be attached to calendar events. Easily remove paper bundles without having to carry around

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