iPhone basic "ki" 376th New feature of iOS 13-How to install Japanese custom font

With iOS 13, users can now install and use fonts. This is a nice update for iOS environments where Japanese fonts were scarce. Let's use fonts to change the impression of documents.

Get an app to install fonts

Install and use iOS fonts from a dedicated app. If you use Japanese fonts,FontInstall.appOrAdobe Creative Cloud"(If you use Adobe CC, you can use a lot of fonts).

This time we will introduce how to use FontInstall.app. You can use fonts in the same way on iPad.

  • FontInstall.app is available for free from the App Store. Japanese free fonts licensed with SIL Open Font License (OFL)

OFL is a free font license. Because it is available for commercial use and can be resold in software, you can use fonts for free from this app.

Install fonts

Once you have the app, select the font you want to use and install it. Install from this app.

  • Open the app, tap “+” in the upper right → Tap the font you want to install

  • Tap "Install" → This display appears only for the first time. Tap "Install"

  • The previous font has been added to the "Installed Fonts" tab → Tap the font name to test-write on the screen

Using installed fonts

The fonts installed here can be used with apps that support custom fonts, such as document-based and image processing. Here we will introduce how to use “Pages”.

  • Select the text on the document, tap the edit button → tap "Font" in the menu

  • Select the font you want to use from the font list. If the font name has "i", you can select the weight

If the added font does not appear in the list, try closing the app and restarting it.

In addition, it cannot be used in applications that do not have a function to change fonts systematically such as messages and calendars. Some apps, such as email and photos, can only use default fonts even if they have text editing functions.

How to delete a font

Delete installed fonts from "Settings". When installing, we selected one weight at a time, but when deleting it, the font family will be the target (as of iOS 13.2.3).

  • Open "Settings" and tap "General"-> "Font". The installed fonts are displayed. Select the font you want to delete

  • Tap “Delete” (If you want to check the typeface, tap the weight name at the bottom) → Tap “Delete this font family?”

Tips for selecting fonts

Some fonts in FontInstall.app contain multiple fonts with the same name but different weights. This is called a “font family”, and there are two to three weights per typeface, and more than eight weights.

You don't have to install everything for each family, but if you combine two or three different weights, you can have a crisp look when creating documents.

  • The left is only “Hiragino Kaku Go ProN” W3. On the right is “Source no Kaku Gothic” Bold / Medium / Light

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