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What is "Me character"?

"Me characters" are avatar characters that can be used in the message app. You can create a character by combining your favorite eyes and hairstyle and send it in a message.

The main feature is that the user's facial expression can be read using the in-side camera, and the character can have the same facial expression in the form of motion capture. Compatible models are models with Face ID since iPhone X, and the TrueDepth camera function used for face authentication is used.

  • "Me characters" create a character by combining parts. Use your face to add a facial expression to your character and send it as a video or still image with audio

Compatible models are iPhone X, iPhone XR / XS / XS Max series with iOS 12 or later, iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation), iPad Pro 11-inch.

In addition, “ani characters” whose names are listed alongside me characters are functions that allow you to add expressions to existing characters such as animals and robots.

For more information on me characters / ani charactersThis articleIntroducing.

Me characters become “stickers” on iOS 13

This me letter can be used as a “sticker” on iOS 13.

Roughly speaking, a sticker is like the Apple version of a LINE stamp, and is a function that allows you to send and receive pictures on the "Messages" app.

  • A sticker function that can be used in messages. In addition to sending from the message field, it can also be pasted into the callout of the other party. Stickers are available on the App Store on the message

This sticker is packaged with a variety of facial expressions on Me character characters. It is automatically created when a Me character is registered.

The created me letter sticker can be used from the "sticker" (formally "my letter sticker") button displayed at the top of the keyboard of the message screen.

  • Tap "Sticker" above the keyboard on the message screen → Me character sticker is displayed

  • Select the sticker you want to send and tap the send button. Or drag and drop directly on the callout

How to send me letter stickers on LINE

Some Me letter sticker compatible apps can send me letters from the emoji keyboard. However, unlike a stamp, an image is attached to a post.

The main supported applications are some Apple apps such as Mail, Memo, Pages, Numbers, Clips, and SNS apps such as LINE, Twitter, and Facebook.

  • How to send stickers to LINE. Switch to the emoji keyboard and scroll the “Frequently Used Items” to the left end, and the Me character sticker will appear. Show more types with “…”

  • This screen appears when you select a sticker. Send by tapping the blue arrow → Send like a photo

How to hide anime characters and me characters

If you don't use Animoji / Me characters, you can hide the buttons displayed on the message screen.

How to hide the Animoji / Me characters in messages

  • Open the message screen (any OK), scroll the button on the keyboard all the way to the right and tap “…” → Swipe left on “Ani characters” and “Me characters”

  • Tap “Delete from frequently used items” → Move to “Other apps” at the bottom, so you can delete from there using the same procedure

If you want to restore it, you can add it again from the “Edit” button at the top.

How to hide the emoji keyboard

If you do not use the emoji keyboard itself, you can remove it from the keyboard used in "Settings".

  • Open "Settings" and tap "General"-> "Keyboard"-> "Keyboard"

  • A list of keyboards in use is displayed. Swipe “Emoji” left → Tap “Delete”. This will prevent emoji from being included in the keyboard switch

Note that it is not possible to hide only the Me character sticker from the emoji keyboard. However, if the display position of “Frequently used Emoji” on the Emoji keyboard is slightly shifted and hidden, the Emoji keyboard will open in the hidden state next time.

  • Scroll “frequently used emoji” on the emoji keyboard slightly to the left. Use when the Mie character is hidden → This display position will be maintained the next time you open the Emoji keyboard

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