iPhone basic “ki” 405 How to master “Share” and make information sharing smarter

A "Share" button that is commonly found on the screens of various applications. There are many useful points when organizing the information on the app and sending it to others. This time, we will introduce how to use the "Share Sheet" that opens with the Share button.

What is a share sheet?

When using the iPhone application, you will often see a button with an arrow extending from the square. This is a button that shows the "Share" function, and when you open it, the screen "Share Sheet" for linking to various applications and optional functions opens. From here, you can organize your information and send it to others.

  • Tap the share button on the app to open the share sheet. Share button is built into many apps

  • Share the information you see on web pages and SNS with others via email or chat. Thumbnail images and videos are attached depending on the application

  • You can send photos, videos, documents of file application, and various other things with AirDrop

  • If you scroll further down, various functions [actions] will be displayed. Content depends on the app

Note that apps that are not linked to the app you are using will not be displayed on the share sheet.

How to edit frequently used items

If you have decided which apps you often share, such as sending web pages to Slack or posting photos to Twitter, it is convenient to change the display order.

  • Open the share sheet from apps such as Safari, and tap "Other" at the right end of the app row → Tap "Edit" when the linked app list is displayed.

  • Tap "+" of the app you often share to add it to "Favorites". You can change the order by dragging the three lines at the right end. "Done" when finished

  • Tap "Done" again → Apps are now lined up in the set order

The set contents will be maintained even when the share sheet is opened in another app.

How to edit an action

You can also edit the actions displayed under the app. Display frequently used items at the top or hide unnecessary items to customize efficiently.

  • Scroll the share sheet to the bottom and tap "Edit action" → Tap "+" of each item to add it to "Favorite items". Items with switches are hidden when turned off

  • The order of "frequently used items" can be changed by dragging. When finished, tap "Done" → Actions are arranged in the set order

Note that the type of action differs depending on the app, so any changes you make will be applied only to that app.

Convenient usage of sharing function

You can use information in various ways by using share sheets. Let's improve the usability by sharing the "information" of the application instead of the "image" of the screenshot.

Share location information with "map"

  • Share information on the current location and destination of the "map". The recipient can open the location directly in the map. You can tell the position accurately, and you can get directions immediately.

Print map from "Map"

  • The "Map" action has a "Print" menu. You can print a map around the display area [A printer compatible with AirPrint is required]

Add web page to reminder

  • Share the web page you want to check at a specific date and time, such as the event you want to go to or the store you want to make a reservation, to Reminder. If you specify the date and time, you can open the page immediately from the reminder that arrived

Register transfer search in calendar

  • Share your appointments on the calendar from the search result screen using a transfer guidance application. At the set date and time, it will be registered including the memo of the transfer schedule

Give apps and music

  • You can give paid songs and apps from the share sheet of the "iTunes Store" or "App Store". You can add a message and specify the delivery date, so it's perfect as a gift

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