iPhone basic "ki" No. 406 You can also take squares! How to shoot video in photo mode

I opened the camera to take a picture, but I still want to take a video, but there is a scene where I will miss the opportunity if I switch it. In such a case, you can start shooting a movie with one action in the photo mode using the "camera" of the iPhone.

How to take a video in the camera's photo mode

The iPhone "Camera" app has several shooting modes such as photo, video, and portrait, and you need to switch between modes to change the shooting style. However, it is possible to start movie recording without switching in the photo mode.

  • Open the camera and press and hold the shutter button in the photo mode. The movie will be recorded only while the button is pressed. Shooting ends when you take your hand off and returns to photo mode

  • If you want to continue shooting movies, slide the lock button in the lock direction while keeping the shutter button pressed. Now, like in video mode, recording will continue even if you release your hand.

How to take square video on iPhone

When shooting movies with the above method, the angle of view will be the same as the angle of view selected in Photo mode. In other words, if you select "Square" in Photo mode, you can shoot a square movie.

  • Raise the screen slightly in the photo mode, tap the angle of view selection button → select "Square"

  • The angle of view has been changed. Press and hold the shutter button to shoot a video → You can shoot a square video

How to take pictures at the same time in video mode

On the other hand, if you want to take a photo while shooting a video in video mode, tap the shutter button displayed on the screen. You can take pictures while continuing to record.

  • While shooting video in video mode, a white shutter button will be displayed near the record button. Press this to take a photo without stopping the video recording

This shutter button can also be used during shooting in slow mode. Why don't you make use of it when you want to keep a scene of your memories both in video and in photos.

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