iPhone basics "Ki" No. 393 How to display iPhone in English every time you pick it up

If you stay at home for a long time, you will have to spend a lot of time playing with your iPhone. Why don't you use this at home as an opportunity to study English? Here's how to use the iOS “English version” that you can start today. .

How to make iOS "language setting" English

The content of “iOS”, which is the foundation of iPhone functions and operability, is common throughout the world (except for some functions). Originally, it supports various languages, and the language to be displayed is selected by default. The language selected at this time can be changed later. Let's change the iPhone currently used in Japanese to English display.

  • Open "Settings" and tap "General" → "Language & Region"

  • Open "Language of iPhone" and tap "English". When the confirmation display appears, tap "Change to English"

  • After a black screen is displayed for a while, the display is switched to English and the setting is completed. When you return to the home screen, the application name etc are also displayed in English

The display of menus and confirmation screens of various applications will be changed to English. However, the content display and character input of mail, Safari, and other applications can be used in Japanese.

Here is good if you display it in English!

The contents are my own iPhone as before. Just displaying it in English will help you improve your English a little in various situations.

"Get used to English" every time you get an iPhone

Even if you know the meaning of an English word, you often think for a second if you can understand it at the moment you see it. However, by repeatedly touching the days of the week and words such as “Camera” and “Health” on the iPhone home screen, your head should gradually become “accustomed to English”. "Shortcuts" and "Reminders" can easily adapt to the plurals that Japanese brains tend to forget.

  • It's something you see every day, so it's a great way to get used to English. Try to translate the possible parts such as calendar event creation into English

The meaning is understood by the icon

Even with unfamiliar English words, there are quite a few things you can tell from the icons and display position of familiar iPhone menus. For example, if you open "Settings", you will see "Notifications", "Do Not Disturb", etc. If you don't know the word, looking at the icons will give you an idea of ​​what it means.

  • All operation menus are in English, but you can get a rough idea by the display position and icons. However, there may be differences in terms depending on the application

Learn English by experiencing

Repetitive operations, such as selecting with "Select" and completing with "Done", are linked to words so that you can learn while experiencing the meaning. You may be able to intuitively understand fixed phrases and phrases depending on the situation.

  • You can also remember phrases such as "Are you sure ~?" Also pay attention to the proper use of words and phrases

How to give priority to Japanese display only for certain apps

Content created in Japanese, such as e-mails and web pages, will be displayed as Japanese even if the OS is set to English, but in some applications the display language of the content will be changed according to the OS. If an inconvenient or confusing part comes out depending on the content, you can change it so that only that app is displayed with Japanese priority.

  • For example, in "Google Maps", the address and place name are changed to English display according to the OS → Open "Settings" and select "Google Maps"

  • Tap "Language" and select "Japanese" → Content in the application is displayed in Japanese

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