iPhone basics “KI” The 380th Is there such a thing ?!

IOS 13 new features that have been introduced since the release last September. Do you use them for everyday life and business? This time, I would like to introduce these new features again.

New features for iOS 13 to check first

First, roughly. There were a number of major new features, including the inclusion of dark mode, the elimination of 3D touch, and support for external devices in Files.

"Cancel" or "copy and paste" with three fingers

Operations such as copy and paste, undo / redo, etc. that were previously supported by shake and menu display can now be performed with three finger gestures.

Specifying the date and time of the reminder has become super easy

"Reminder" is only effective when you issue necessary notifications at the specified date and time. In iOS 13, the interface has been improved so that you can easily specify the date and time and location.

Large numbers of photos are easier to see and search

"Photos" can easily find what you want to see from a large number of photos by switching the year / month / day. Search by search words has also been enhanced.

Enhance photos and videos with more functions

The editing function of "Photos" allows you to operate more diverse items more flexibly. Videos can be edited in the same way.

Efficiently attach email documents and edit character formats

"Mail" has greatly improved the interface. Easier access to the ability to attach documents and photos and edit character formats.

More efficient Safari every day

"Safari" did not have a big visible update, but in fact, it has been slightly improved in its usability. These functions make a difference because they are used every day.

What's new in iOS 13-Use Safari more conservatively

Want to master route guidance plus alpha

"Map" is an application that not only checks the current location and the route to the destination, but also collects frequently used places, shops that you are interested in, places you want to go, etc., and can also be used as an information source for yourself.

Attachments and downloads are OK on iPhone only

With the “File” app, you can now send and receive documents, download and read / write to external devices, which were the weak points of the iPhone. May reduce your chances of using your computer while you are out.

Smooth exchange with file servers and NAS

Until now, access to the file server and NAS had to use a dedicated application, but with iOS 13, it is now possible to access directly from the "File" application.

Save paper documents as PDF using camera

This is also a new function of the "File" application. You can scan paper documents with the camera and save them directly to the specified folder.

More document editing with custom fonts

Adding a new font to the iPhone previously required a dedicated font management app, but iOS 13 has made it easier.

Avatar “ me character '' made with your favorite parts on a sticker

"Me character" is a function that allows you to create an avatar by combining various parts such as eyes, nose, hairstyle, etc., and to control the facial expression with your own face captured on the in-side camera. A function has been added to make this a sticker for "message" [a stamp in LINE].

Prepare to find in case of trouble

If you lose your iPhone, it's time for a new Find application. Learn how to get started, how to find it on your Mac or someone else's iPhone, and how to lock remotely.

Share coco here in real time

This is also how to use the new Search application. If you share your location with family and friends, you can see the other person's location in crowded or unfamiliar places. You can also use the move notification function as a daily "go home" message.

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