iPhone Night Mode Photo Contest Wins Six Fantastic Works

The award-winning iPhone Photography Contest “Shot on iPhone Night Mode Shooting Challenge”, for which Apple invited applications this January, has been announced. There were a total of six award-winning works, and unfortunately no Japanese works were selected, but all of them were just fantastic works that surprised me, "Is this taken with an iPhone?"

  • A work taken in Spain by Rubén P. Bescós. The pilgrims are depicted in a silhouette like a movie scene, while the rocks in front and behind are realistically depicted.

This is the annual “Shot on iPhone”, but this time, as the name of the contest was, it was limited to photos taken in iPhone 11/11 Pro / 11 Pro Max night mode. All of the award-winning works capture the details of the moments they see, even in low-light situations where it is difficult to shoot at night or at dusk, which often causes failures.

  • Rustam Shagimordanov shoots a Russian seaside village. Stunning details and faithful white balance

  • A work shot by Konstantin Chalabov in Russia. It is a fantastic drawing of the light emitted by a classic wagon that stops at a moment. The interior of the car illuminated by the lights is faithfully drawn without overexposure.

Among the iPhones used in the award-winning works, five of the six works were iPhone 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max, but one work was shot on the best-selling iPhone 11. Why not take a look at these award-winning works and take fantastic photos in the iPhone 11 Series night mode? Tips for shooting in the night mode are iPhone 11 review article “iPhone 11 review super wide angle lens brings camera revolutionPlease refer to.

  • Russian works again. An old apartment taken by Andrei Manuilov. Probably a situation that seems darker with the naked eye

  • Yu “Eric” Zhang's work in Beijing, China. I am surprised to see the stalls illuminated by naked light bulbs cut out faithfully without losing or overexposure

  • A work shot by Mitsun Soni in India. The appearance of the red tree that looks like CG is impressive, but note that the stars in the night sky are also firmly drawn

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