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iPhone SE2 (provisional) announced on April 15? Will iPhone 12 (provisional) be released in the fall as planned? Until. Latest Apple Rumors-Engadget Japan Version

Rumors of a small and inexpensive model iPhone SE2 (provisional) that suddenly became active this week. Only the hottest stocks that are likely to target replacement demand for the big hit iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users may be new products that will greatly affect Apple's performance in the future.

iPhone SE2 (provisional) announced on April 15? Will iPhone 12 (provisional) be released in the fall as planned? Until then, we will send you the latest Apple rumors.

With no indication that the spread of the new coronavirus infection would converge, it was reported that the production and shipment of the flagship iPhone 12 (provisional) series, which is expected to be released this fall, will be delayed. The main factor is the iPhone's largest assembly supplier earlier this yearFoxconn's Chinese plant temporarily closedIn

According to Bloomberg reports, Foxconn's production system is gradually returning to orbit. In the first place, the production of the iPhone does not start until summer, and there is a time delay between March and April, so it is not yet possible to postpone the fall release schedule.

Nevertheless, Foxconn is responsible for only the final stage of "assembly" in the Apple product supply chain involving companies worldwide. The procurement of the underlying components relies on a complex network coordinated over months and years, which has been disrupted by the new corona, so new parts other than the top-priority iPhone 12 The product is stated to be delayed.

The impact of the new Corona has also reached the development unit at Apple's headquarters in the physical form of an "office". While California has extended the curfew until May 1, engineers say the company is working from home to develop new HomePods, Apple TVs, and MacBook Pros. They have room to be released "late this year"-Bloomberg reports so in another article.

Apple, known for its thorough secrecy, had never expected to bring home products or system software under development. Still, the back can not be changed, and the permission of the top (vice president) of the department to which the employee belongs, and in some cases, the approval of the senior vice president and the management team led by Tim Cook CEO is.

At Apple, face-to-face discussions, “face-to-face discussions in front of actual hardware” have become in-house cultures, and it is extremely difficult to reproduce this via the Internet. In addition, it has been reported that the company is unable to carry out stress tests and drop tests that require special facilities because it cannot use company equipment such as 3D printers and milling machines.

Still, the company is urgently improving the rules for bringing unannounced products home, and is constantly updating employees to work from home. Apple's strength lies in the flexibility of an organization that can respond flexibly while growing into a huge company.


Apple Watch's health management function is accelerating its popularity, and shipments are already surpassing even the Swiss watch marketThere is also an estimate. At the moment it is aimed at young and elderly people, but there are rumors of new features reminiscent of its potential for children.

The other day the next system software watchOS 7 (provisional) will add “ kids mode ''Was predictedHowever, there is a follow-up report that an activity ring for children may be provided as a factor. These three rings are intended for adults, and the "move" ring (red), which shows calories burned, can encourage the child to do the wrong type of exercise.

So the red ring was replaced by “ time spent '' from calories burned, and move goals are expected to be recommended for outdoor activities such as playing outside or playing sports such as “ moved 90 minutes throughout the day '' I am.

As for kids mode, you can now manage your child's Apple Watch with your parent iPhone-that is, "one iPhone and one Apple Watch can be linked at the same time" (two or more Apple Watches can still be registered on an iPhone, There is some speculation that the principle of "need to switch" will be changed.

If you can manage your family's Apple Watch with one iPhone, you may be able to use it for watching elderly people.

From iOS 13.4 beta, a clue of the "Carkey" API that can use iPhone and Apple Watch as a car key was discovered. In the latest iOS 13.4.5 beta for developers, it has been reported that a hint of an unpublished device reminiscent of the rumored iPhone SE2 (provisional) has been added.

It is a code that mentions compatibility with "iPhone with Touch ID". Previously, only Face ID-equipped iPhones were mentioned, meaning that "new models after 2017 release were assumed."

Carkey also assumes that the device can use ExpressCard technology even in low power mode. For now, only iPhone XR / XS / XS Max and later models released in 2018 will meet that requirement. Taken together, the emergence of the unpublished model "Touch ID and use of Express Card in low power mode", iPhone SE2 (provisional) emerges.

Within Apple, at least it's clear that at least the software department is steadily preparing for the iPhone SE2 release. So, when will hardware products be released? That will be the next gossip.

@ Onleaks / @ iGeeksblog

The rumored iPhone SE2 (provisional) was said to have been postponed at the end of March once, but was postponed with the event due to the influence of the new coronavirusRumored. However, in the middle of this week, it was suddenly observed that the product was about to be released.

First of all, YouTuber Jon Prosser, who recently reported leaks of Apple unreleased products, tweeted that "iPhone 9 (another provisional name for iPhone SE2) will be announced on April 15 and will ship on 22nd." He said the source was an Apple internal meeting, but said that the situation could change because of the midst of the pandemic.

Following that, “ iPhone SE '' will be added for a moment to the notation of “ iPhone 8 & 7 '' of Belkin glass film handled at Apple official online storeThe event has happened(Returned immediately after).

The screen size of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 is 4.7 inches, and the current iPhone SE has a 4 inch screen. This leads to speculation that the existence of an unpublished model called "4.7 inch screen iPhone SE" is the same as Apple has admitted.

In the meantime, 9to5Mac in the U.S. will release a report from reliable readers saying that it will start accepting reservations tomorrow (in Japan time, midnight April 3rd to midnight 4th in Japan time).

According to this new information, the official product name is "iPhone SE" and it is simply called the 2020 version. There is a precedent that does not have "2" or "3" in the iPad Pro series, and there is considerable credibility, as the "iPhone SE" notation appeared on the Apple official online store.

The body color is white, black, and (Product) RED. There is information of 64GB / 128GB / 256GB for the option of internal storage. The presence of the 256GB option is the first prediction that has never been mentioned before.

In the end, the April 3-4 theory seems to end up being empty, but it's unlikely that Apple will ever be a new product on Saturdays and Sundays. On the other hand, April 15th, Wednesday has a precedent of 2018 (Monday and Tuesday are more frequentBut the probability should be higher. In this magazine Engadget, we will announce the follow-up of iPhone SE2 as soon as it enters.

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