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iPhone SE2 (provisional) released on April 3? AirPods Pro Lite (provisional) appeared? Until. Latest Apple Rumors-Engadget Japan Version

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At the beginning of the strong sales of the iPhone 11 series,Apple announces unsuccessful second quarter (January-March) sales forecast due to new pneumonia. That may be the reason why this spring we are launching new products and recovering.

iPhone SE2 (provisional) released on April 3? AirPods Pro Lite (provisional) appeared? Until then, we will send you the latest Apple rumors.

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“ The first 5G compatible iPad Pro will appear in late 2020 ''Was reportedBut suddenly (possibly another device) the March release theory of the new iPad Pro is being reported one after another.

In both cases, the epicenter of the rumor is DigiTimes, an electronic component industry information magazine in Taiwan. One is that the new "iPad Pro" series has been starting production before the Chinese New Year holidays for release around March. However, after the holidays were extended due to the spread of the new pneumonia, production growth was slow-suggesting that the product would be launched as planned, but initially run short.

A few days later, DigiTimes reported almost the same production situation, but the new iPad Pro had a ToF 3D sensor (alreadyAlso on Samsung Galaxy S20 +) Including a rear triple camera. It just reaffirmed the rumors, but what attracted attention was the notation "12-inch iPad Pro."

Until now, there is no 12-inch model in the iPad Pro series. However, in the past, the screen size of the 9.7-inch successor was 10.5 inches and 11 inches, and the screen size was getting larger, so it has been speculating that the bezel may be further narrowed. Of course, DigiTimes could be just a spelling mistake.

Along with them, there was a follow-up report of a mysterious new product called "AirPods Pro Lite". DigiTimes explains that it is “ entry version of AirPods Pro '', but if you add Lite that reminds you of the upper model “ Pro '' with omitted functions and cheaper version, it is not the third generation AirPods … Some have pointed out that ..

DigiTimes has sinceWe are reporting the follow-up report of "AirPods Pro Lite", "The new entry-level TWS (true wireless stereo) earphone set to be released in mid-2020." For example, a new AirPods that omits the noise canceling function, which seems to increase the manufacturing cost, and inherits the shape of Pro that is hard to slip off from the ears, may appear.

The iPhone SE2 is a low-cost model based on the iPhone 8 (or 9, tentatively named), and we are confident that various media and analysts are imminent.

So when will it be announced and released? German iPhone rumor site iPhone-Ticker is most likely to be a special event on March 31 as "derived from sources directly related to Apple," iPhone SE2 released on April 3 It says.

Last year's "It's show time," Apple Arcade and other new service announcements, and two years ago, an educational event. And Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst known for insider information from Apple, reinforces this view by issuing a research note stating that "iPhone SE2 will be released earlier this year."

Bloomberg also reported that Apple is preparing to launch a "new low-cost iPhone" (iPhone SE2) in March for about $ 400. However, due to the effect of the new coronavirus, the plan is still in flux

The Nikkei Asian Review article conveys such a “fluid” situation in detail. Originally, mass production of the iPhone 9 (SE2) is scheduled to begin in February, but there is a possibility that it will be delayed until sometime in March. Suppliers are making every effort to produce and ship within four weeks, but it is anticipated that failure to do so will impact Apple's sales strategy later this year.

"The iPhone SE2 started mass production in February and released in March"China News Site MyDriversWas also reported as supply chain information. With so many rumors coming from multiple sources, it seems that this is an indisputable theory, but it is likely that future developments will depend on the future of new pneumonia.


Smartphone-linked forgotten tag that can be a lifeline for those who easily lose things. There have been reports of clues that the date of the genuine Apple product is approaching.

Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst with a reputation for predicting Apple's unreleased products, said a related supplier will begin supplying SIPs for UWB (Ultra Wide Band) item tracking tags in the second and third quarters of this year. We have published research notes. The shipment volume is expected to be tens of millions by the end of the year.

UWB is one of the candidates for next-generation near-future radio, and is a technology that enables precise measurement functions even indoors. UWB realizes 5-10cm compared to about 5m for those using Bluetooth LE such as Tile products, and boasts an accuracy of 20-100 times.There was also a commentary.

UWB is also used in Apple's unique U1 chip mounted on the iPhone 11 series, and in combination with the forgetfulness tag, improves the user's experience of iOS "search" and AR applications-Kuo thought that Also speaks.

Features already integrated with Forgotten Tag from within iOS 13 BetaClues have been discoveredEven when you are away from your iPhone, your contacts will be displayed when another iPhone user approaches. In other words, it is speculated that iPhone networks all over the world can find lost items.

Also this weekendUS ForbesReported a rumor that "AirTag (tentative name found in iOS 13 beta) will be announced shortly." In addition, Apple has announced early to avoid leaking secrets from outside companies, and predicts that the release will be a few months later. It seems that the special event in March, which mentioned the rumor in the above, has finally become more and more possible.

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iPhone default browsers and mailers have long been locked into pre-installed genuine apps, but it is rumored that they may be changeable.

Why is it alleged that Apple is considering a policy change internally? A Bloomberg article suggests that during a hearing of the U.S. House's antitrust committee, questions were raised about the closed stance of removing third-party apps from default settings on the iPhone.

The company's HomePod smart speaker is reportedly in talks to open default music service settings outside of Apple Music.Just released last year in JapanAlthough unfamiliar, HomePod was one of the focal points in one case where Spotify alleged to the European Commission that Apple had shut out competing apps and services.

If this policy change is realized, it may be implemented in the next iOS 14. It is said that the final decision has not been made yet, and excessive expectations are forbidden, but I hope that Chrome that I love on other devices such as Android and Windows 10 will be the default on iPhone … If you are, you want to wait for a follow-up report.

After the launch of the 16-inch MacBook Pro in October last year, numerous rumors have been reported about the new model of the 13-inch MacBook Pro. The data called the benchmark result has been released, and it has been talked about that it is equipped with Intel's 10th generation chip.

The other dayI found clues for AMD processor-equipped Macs_rogame posted the benchmark for the "2020 13" MacBook Pro "on Twitter. Compared to the current high-end 13-inch MacBook Pro (with the 8th generation 2.4GHz Core i5 chip), it suggests that the new model will improve CPU processing speed by about 12% and GPU performance by nearly 30%.

The new 13-inch MacBook Pro is expected to be equipped with a new scissor-type keyboard similar to the 16-inch, and it will be a 14-inch screen based on the previous example of “ realizing a 16-inch screen with the same body size as 15-inch '' There are expectations.

Apple executive Phil Schiller"I don't intend to adopt this for anything else,"Although he had denied the 14-inch theory, the company's secrecy did not tell the truth, and he seems to be able to keep his dream.

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