IPO and asked Who Carlos Ghosn,the getaway is the answer, what a big mistake it?

Nissan’s President Carlos Ghosn defendant is JST of 1 month 8 day and night,fleeing ahead of Lebanon・Beirut in the presence of such a press meeting was held. Reporter Advisory Board and the representation of participating Media own filters from the sorting results.

【Here】A lawyer of common sense,of society insane? Carlos Ghosn, the defendant fled to liable anyone?

Tough questions are expected, media was eliminated and speculation is the look of the event going. Roughly 10 countries for the press, about 150 people join in, but from Japan to attend, you can Media The Asahi Shimbun,TV Tokyo and weekly post of 3 companies squeezed.

This 3 companies are accepted for reasons other media, as well as not disclosed, but the newspaper・TV and the weekly magazine distributed it throughout the day would have. “Why Japanese media has 3 companies but can’t attend?”question to answer is,”another space”it was out-of-focus was.

Nissan from the era skillful presentation ability is reckoned as gold in the defendant, but the stigma Snow [its]for waiting for I will Express it like,2 and a half hours across the energetic”独演会”yet.

From Japan to flee about all over the world to pay your attention[it]was gone the defendant so, how difficult a runaway success, but not with curiosity and,as a Manager of experience, and the perceived person,the circumvention of the Law decided to make the decision for the interest you had would be of course.

In violation of Japanese law as the fugitive was being questioned,”the Prosecutor’s office in violation of the law to leak information about”from their own, only to be blamed of IS and the question is from a strong willpower, the par of the media can not compete.

Lebanon to enter immediately after,the President met with a spike since October in legal questions from readers about layoffs, unemployment and severance[unconfirmed] information flows such as the presence,during a meeting with reporters of the self-assured appearance to the one in Lebanon, in the lives of Concerned do not feel this is obvious. We have tough nerves and intense extrusion,我田引水 by your own ideas will continue. This point is certainly the Lebanese fled the country to benefit from you.

On the contrary gold the defendant and Carol, Mrs., The couple’s IPO [Interpol]for”and asked who”this is heavy. Lebanon resident as long as the arrest and restraint of care would not,of other countries travel with regard to”but?” And to dispel the doubts that are difficult.

After all, Lebanon is self-assured, but scared in another country travel can not”Lebanon 内弁慶”as the rest of your life to spend or not. Around the world to freely fly around, come to now life changed,”Lebanon is a basket of birds”to withstand it.

Now the”have freedom is sweet”and 嘯[and learn]about it,”Lebanon domestic limited freedom”was noticed at the time,what thoughts would sound like,curious is.

In Japan, some of the constraints was,”Escape Plan・planning・to run freely blessed with bail life”[irony there], and so there are differences, I do not think.

The difference is, in Lebanon, was a fugitive branded unchanged against the Japanese in the trial of innocence to win it fanfare in the front line to return to the possibility that there was just.

After all, innocence, subcontractors and self-proclaimed 弘中 惇一郎 lawyers want to change themselves, to the acts of any eye, arising from the”guilty may”do not fear did not win. Gone are the defendant fled when he ran for the sin of awareness was considered awkward. [Article: 矢牧 滋夫・The article list to look at]

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