Ippei Watanabe "Think seriously" To the local Oita area after heavy rain damage

Ippei Watanabe [23=Toyota Motors], a world record holder before a 200-meter breaststroke, responded to an online interview on the 16th. I touched on Oita prefecture, which is the place of birth, where heavy rain damage has occurred.

“My own home was in the south of Oita prefecture, and it wasn't so bad, but I was in contact with my family. Some of my friends now live near the [damaged] Oita River. I contacted such friends in various ways. It was a very uneasy time for me myself. The timing of the rain was not in the daytime but in the evenings, so I think many people had anxious days. Because of the new coronavirus and the heavy rain, I feel that I can be an athlete in Oita Prefecture, the liveliness of the swimming world, Japan's vitality, and much more. I think that there are many people who will be happy with such things [activities].I would like to think seriously about what I can do this year, and to do better and behave. I said mysteriously.

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