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Ipsa creates a new wrinkle-improving cream "Target Effect @ Advanced G"! Approach wrinkle skin with attack and defense

Combination of pure retinol and proprietary new moisturizing ingredient Deep G target ingredient!

Medicinal wrinkle improvement cream from Ipsa's "Target Effect Advanced Series" corresponding to full-scale aging signs"Target Effect @ Advanced G"Is born!と い う It is said that wrinkles can be efficiently repaired by using aggressive approaches to improve wrinkles and a defensive approach that supports the original healthy skin functions. I tried how the skin changes with a new approach of attack and defense!

Approach with attack and defense. Ipsa's cream for improving wrinkles is born!

Ipsa CorporationWrinkle-improving cream that approaches wrinkle skin with new offense and defense measures"Target Effect Advanced G" (23g, price 13,000 yen excl. Tax, on sale January 17, 2020)Is born!改善 While improving the wrinkles themselves, at the same time approaching the wrinkled skin environment, it is said to achieve efficient care.

The medicinal wrinkle improving active ingredient "pure retinol" is an aggressive approach. Retinol works by producing hyaluronic acid and increasing the amount of water to lead to soft skin, increase the density of collagen in the dermis, and improve wrinkles from the back of the skin. As a result of examining the effect of the retinol-containing product on the wrinkles of the outer corner of the eyes, there were cases in which wrinkles were improved in 8 weeks.

The defensive approach is a new moisturizing component developed by Ipsa, a “deep G target component” * cornflower extract and glycerin. While filling the skin with luxurious moisture, it supports the healthy functions that the skin originally has.

Ipsa also noted that wrinkles are made more serious by the effects of external damage on the skin. Extracts extracted from the yagiku chrysanthemum, a part of the Deep G target ingredient, have the function of protecting the skin from the effects of external damage by filling the skin with plenty of moisture, and can be expected to have the effect of conditioning the wrinkle skin environment That.

"Target Effect @ Advanced @ G" can effectively treat wrinkle skin by performing such aggressive and defensive approaches simultaneously. Let's try that ability right away!

For skin filled with moisture and firmness

An elongated tube type package with a pearl-like color. Simple and elegant design.

The texture is a slightly soft thick cream.

The growth was good, and it grew smoothly on the skin.

Try it on your face. Use at the end of the morning and evening care. * When using in the morning, it is necessary to use cosmetics that have an ultraviolet-cutting effect after use to protect the effects of retinol. When using for the first time or when the skin is sensitive, it is recommended that the number of uses be increased gradually, such as only at night every two to three days for the first two weeks and every night for the next two weeks.

Take one small pearl grain, which is used once, at your fingertips and put it on your face.

Place it gently on areas where wrinkles are noticeable, such as around the eyes or mouth, and gently blend in.

The point is to spread the wrinkles from inside to outside.

The feeling of use is smooth and stretches well, and you can feel moist and moist immediately after adjusting to the skin.

Wrinkled areas = dry areas, but moist and moisturized skin prevents drying out over time. Since there is no stickiness, it can be used comfortably. In the morning, I felt that my makeup was getting better.

After using it for about a week, my eyes and mouth ceased to dry, giving me a feeling of elasticity and firmness. According to the verification results of pure retinol, the effect of improving wrinkles was shown by using it for a certain period of time, so if you continue to use it as it is, the effect of improving wrinkles will come out firmly.

Recommended for those worried about wrinkles and those who want to work on wrinkles in earnest.

Purchase from department stores, Ipsa stores and official websites nationwide!

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