Is “Dean Fuji Soba” feasible? I asked Fujisoba's public relations / Standing eating soba wandering: 191st

Dean Fujioka who is multi-talented with actors, musicians and film directors. He collaborated with “Taiwan Tensho”, a Taiwan sweets cafe specializing in raw tapioca,Dean Tapioca”Is a new memory.

About this drink that became known in an instant with the strength of the wardPrevious articleBut I'm introducing … Dean has created a new power word and has become a hot topic. The word is “Dean Fuji Soba”.strong.

Dean Fuji soba

Such a word was born to Fuji TV “Non-Stop!” Which introduced “Dean Tapioca”. ]Dean, who was asked about his aspirations for next year, put up a “Dean Fuji soba” collaboration with standing soba chains and Fuji soba.

This is also strong. Perhaps the language may be better than “Dean Tapioca”. For this reason, “Dean Fuji Soba” is filled with the following voices.

・ Boiling net

"Dean Fuji Soba www"
"Waiting for ww"
"As expected, Dean-sama"
“Fuji Soba, I ’m really looking forward to it”
“ What is Dean Fuji soba (laughs) ''
“If you collaborate, you will eat about 3 weeks!”
“I like Toro too much”

── Really Fuji Soba. Dean Fujioka knows Fuji Soba. I also have a good feeling about the commonplace. During the broadcast, Dean bowed, “I'm looking forward to it”.

・ Let's ask Fuji soba public relations

by the way,I am a Fuji soba public relations and Mel friend. Because it was a lot of trouble, when I picked up my smartphone to hear about its feasibility, a message arrived from the Fuji Soba PR.

Fuji Soba PR"Dean Fuji Soba is bad!"

──Needless to say! Dean-san !! So I asked if it could be realized by the flow …

Fuji Soba PR"I will talk to the president"

──. The movement is fast. Dean Fujioka is known for gluten allergies, so there seem to be a lot of walls, but I'd like you to do it!

writing:Seiko Nakazawa

Photo: Rocketnews24.

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