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Is Galaxy Fold Lite (tentative) preparing for about 120,000 yen? 5G / Low cost version of storage reduction?-Engadget Japan version

Galaxy Fold Lite

Information that Samsung Korea will introduce a low-priced folding smartphone "Galaxy Fold Lite (tentative name)" for $ 1100 (about 120,000 yen) has appeared from overseas.

According to prominent leak account Max Weinbach, the Galaxy Fold Lite will reduce its internal storage to 256GB, which is half of the original, and will also cut costs by not installing 5G communication function.

Other than that, the display surface will not use ultra-thin glass, and the internal parts will be combined with those of the 2018-2020 model.

There seems to be some changes in the design, and it seems that the external display will be smaller. However, it also says that it will not be as small as the notification display (about 1.05 inches) of Galaxy Z Flip.

About such a cheap version of Galaxy Fold,SamMobileI told you. On the other hand, the successor model "Galaxy Fold 2 (tentative name)" equipped with a 120Hz display and increasing the size of the external displayrumorHas also appeared.

The first Galaxy Fold was a little more expensive at 1980 dollars (domestic price is 240,000 yen), but if a low-priced version of about 1100 dollars appears, it will be chosen as an alternative to high-end smartphones.

Source: Max Weinbach (Twitter)

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