Is iPhone charging slow?-Why can't I hear it now?

All iPhone 8 and later models support wireless charging. You can charge the iPhone just by placing the iPhone on the charger so that the area near the logo on the back touches, so there is no frustration when you connect the cable, and you don't have to look for the cable. It's so convenient that you can't go back to charging with a cable once you get used to it.

Still, what is worrisome is “charging speed”. Just because it is wireless and convenient, it may not be practical to charge more time than when wired. I want to know how slow it is, even if it is a little slow.

In conclusion, wired charging is faster. Depending on the cable and charger / battery used, a combination of a USB PD compatible charger and a “USB-C-Lightning cable” can be charged with approximately 18 watts of power. All iPhone 8 and later models support fast charging with USB PD, so this is the fastest charging method on the current iPhone.

On the other hand, as of the fall of 2019, wireless charging (Qi standard compliant) supported by iPhone is up to 7.5 watts. Since it is less than half the output of USB PD by simple calculation, it takes much time. Some wireless chargers don't support 7.5 watts, which can be slower because they charge at a lower wattage (such as 5 watts).

In the case of wireless charging, there is also a problem of “displacement”. The range where charging is performed normally is narrow, and charging will stop with a slight deviation, so the iPhone must be positioned accurately when it is placed. Please note that the vibration may be activated when an incoming call is received, and the charging time may be extended due to the vibration.

  • Is wireless charging for iPhone slow?

    Is iPhone charging slow?

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