Is it a bee theory? Mitsuki Takahata and Sato Takeki and 2 shots

Actress Mitsuki Takahata [27] has released a two-shot with actress Aibu Saki [34], who was reported in part in the “disadvantage”.

Takahata, who is performing with Seibu in the drama “Synchronous Sakura”, starring on NTV, updated Instagram on the 7th. “According to Net News and Weekly magazine, I and Mr. Aitake seem to be stingy at the scene, so I tried to reproduce them.” Laughing, both of them were mischievous, while Takahata was punching Aibu ’s face, On the other hand, the photos that are grabbed by Soubu and that can be enjoyed are uploaded. Finally, a two-shot with a smile was held.

Takahata wrote, “It's helpful if you can stop making the article because it is normally damaged [Sakura style] LOL, entertainers are also humans,” and with a hashtag, “I just want to say this, Aitake-san is an insane goddess. "

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