Is it necessary to review insurance after purchasing a house?

Do I need to review insurance if I buy a house? In conclusion, a review is needed.

Death protection can be reduced because it is too much for group credit life insurance. It is safe to increase your medical coverage in preparation for mortgage repayments during hospitalization. Let's take a closer look, including how to review it.

◆ Review the reduction of death security
When buying a house with a mortgage, it is common to join a group credit life insurance [danshin].

When you join the Danshin, when the subscriber [the person who borrowed the mortgage] dies, the remaining loan is repaid with life insurance. This allows the bereaved to continue living in their home without paying a mortgage.

For life insurance before purchasing a home, the amount of death insurance is set based on the assumption of housing in a rented house. Therefore, after purchasing a home, the amount of death insurance is likely to be over. In other words, it is necessary to revise the reduction because the insurance will be doubled by joining the Danshin.

Estimated amount of required death security after acquiring a house is 30 to 40 million yen if the wife is a full-time or part-time housewife and a child and the husband is a company employee, and 4,000 if the husband is a self-employed or freelancer. 10,000 to 50 million yen.

If you have the right amount of death protection before you buy a home, the amount of insurance that can be reduced is 10-20 million yen.

There are mainly two ways to reduce the amount. Either cancel some of the death insurance special contracts such as term insurance special contracts for the insurance you are currently subscribing to, or cancel the current insurance by re-entering the appropriate amount of insurance after purchasing the house.

If the former method does not reduce the desired amount of money, for example, use the latter method. At that time, we use term insurance or income insurance.

Next, let's consider whether medical security needs to be reviewed.

◆ It is safe to increase medical security
Recently, there are “ illness-guaranteed mortgages '' that will refund the mortgage if certain conditions such as cancer, three major illnesses, and eight major illnesses cause the mortgage to repay for a certain period of time. . It incorporates certain illness guarantees into collective credit life insurance.

However, the general religion can only guarantee death and severe disability. This means that if you are hospitalized due to illness or injury and your income is reduced or lost, you must continue to repay your mortgage.

Reimbursement of mortgage loans is rare, because few families have a generous plan, so hospitalization for illness or injury can hinder repayment. Therefore, it is safe to increase medical security.

The amount to be increased is a monthly mortgage repayment as a guide, and the daily admission is 3,000 to 5,000 yen. The purpose of this security is to repay the mortgage during hospitalization, so prepare with 10-year renewal medical insurance. Eventually, repayment is over and security is no longer needed.

The premium for the 10-year renewal of online life insurance and online sales medical insurance is not very high, so even if the renewal raises the insurance premium, it should not be a big burden on households.

Both death and medical security reviews can be done after purchasing a home.

Sentence = Chihiro Ogawa

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