Is it possible for men of thirty to enjoy the "Sylvanian Family"?

I want to be healed. Many people have come to mind once when they want the time to relax in a harsh storm. The writer who says this is also spending days wishing to be healed.

The memory of a certain toy suddenly revived in my mind. Speaking of somethingSylvanian Families" A toy of healing incarnations that I often saw in commercials between TV anime when I was a child. I have never touched the real thing until now, but if I take it in my hand, it will be healed well.

While having a certain conviction, I also thought this.I am a thirty uncle and I can enjoy it for girls..

・ Learn "Sylvania"

The “Sylvanian Family”, a heavyweight in the doll toy world, released by toy manufacturer Epoch. It has been very popular and well known since my childhood. About 20 years from that time when I thought I was cute but I couldn't do itIs Sylvania debut possible now?.

Anxiety and hesitation slows down. However, the desire to "heal" and the curiosity of what the Sylvanian family actually sees surpassed them.

However, there was still something missing from the Sylvanian debut. That is a preliminary survey. Even if you say “Sylvania” in a bite, there are various types. So I purchased at the end of the survey,First Sylvanian FamilyIs a product called.

This set includesIn addition to a rabbit girl and a house, furniture and a kitchen are included.. Easy to get started as a starter pack, price is alsoAmazonIt's affordable at 2571 yen [as of December 11, 2019]. It's perfect for a person like me.

Looking at the outer box of the product, an explanation about the world view of "Sylvania" was written. Ahead of deep forest,The most beautiful village in the world. Living in such a Sylvanian village,The gentlest friends in the world,Sylvanian Families. I just feel healed.

As I read the explanation further, it seems that the rabbit girlChocolate rabbitI understood that it seems to be a race. Isn't it a naming of 100 points?

By the way this product,Target age is 3 years old or olderIt is. It is thirty, so it meets with a margin. Depending on your thoughts, it can be interpreted that you can enjoy 10 times with simple calculations.

・ Enjoy “Sylvania”

When the box was opened, the assembled house, the packaged furniture, and the chocolate rabbit appeared.

Almost cute at this point. Unexpectedly my face is burning. Thirty man and chocolate rabbit are the first close encounters.

However, the toy in front is not yet complete. We will place the removed parts in and around the house while checking against the images on the outer box.

As beforeNo need to assemble anythingSo it was done in a matter of minutes.

In the room of one lonely man …

A warm “Sylvanian” wind blew.


Too cute. What this. It ’s amazing. It feels like dopamine is secreted at a tremendous momentum, and it's completely awkward, but it smells sweet. Perhaps luck is also rising. To make everything look goodOverwhelming cutenessThere is.

It was a shock, just because a chocolate rabbit rented his room. I think that “the place is gorgeous” is what this means at age 30.

It has been a wonderful experience because I met "Sylvania" I watched on TV when I was a kid for over 20 years. I'm already quite satisfied, but of course, "Sylvania" is not just a toy that looks and ends. Rather it is the production from here.

The best part of “Sylvania”. that isDoll play using chocolate rabbits and furnitureIt will be none other than. So, for now, I decided to forget my age and play with my best.

I got up. A pleasant morning.

Make breakfast omelet rice …

Mogumogu. Delicious!

It ’s a day off and I ’m going to laugh.

I sometimes twilight a little …

I will change the fluorescent lamps.

When it is night and I want to go to bed, I hear a popping sound.

After all, faucet of water supply was not tightened.


Cute and fun. what is this. I was crazy about it. Even a starter packThe number of parts is substantial and each part is independentSo there is a wider range of ways to play than I expected.

Speaking of extreme things, you will be able to play something you don't understand, such as "a chocolate rabbit staring at an omelet rice sitting on a bed."

Of course, if you buy parts and chocolate rabbits, the possibilities for play will expand. The “Sylvanian Family” is amazing.

But can it be so immersive just because the contents are substantial? There must be some other serious reason for being drawn into this “Sylvanian” world.

・ Reading “Sylvania”

The writer who thought so looked at the healing space with his observing eyes, but soon he found the reason. In a rowRealityIt is. Fantasy butThe reality that "this is Sylvania"There is certainly a reality that makes you feel.

There are two elements that support that reality. The first ismanufacturingIt is. For example, the houses and furniture of “Sylvania” purchased this time are carefully decorated with floral patterns.

For dining tables and chairs …

Also on the front door …

Also on the window door …

Anyway, it is engraved with a level of sophistication that can be seen a little. There are no parts that are covered. SuchQuality without any detailBut I think they are buying one or two roles to attract users.

Speaking of “no cutout”, when I opened the door at the bottom of the kitchen parts, I was surprised normally when the drain pipe was properly deployed …

Even though the decoration of the chocolate rabbit skirt was finely decorated, it opened my eyes, not in a strange way. trulyNo matter where you lookIt is.

In addition to making it, one more noteworthy thing isTextureIt is. It is probably the floor of the house that is most clearly visible.

It ’s not brand new and shiny,Slightly seasoned appearanceIt is. A white and faint color peculiar to wood after time has been observed.

Not only the floor but also the fence parts …

The kitchen water is also …

Moderate oldness,Exquisite agingIs wearing. I don't think that there is a lot of time that the chocolate rabbit would have spent in this house.

・ Collect "Sylvania"

Built-in and texture. Due to the reality supported by these two elements, "Sylvania" is no longer just a toy.Sylvanian village chocolate rabbit is definitely in front of you, It makes me feel that way when I live a peaceful life The “world” itselfIt is.

That is why not only young children but also thirty men can be engrossed. Now I can say with confidence.It's never too late for a Sylvanian debut. Regardless of age or gender.

If you haven't experienced it, please enjoy this elaborate entertainment and be healed to the fullest. The beautiful world of “Sylvania” means that the friendly “Sylvanian” residents will never refuse us. *

Source:Epoch "Sylvanian Families" official website,Amazon "First Sylvanian Family"

Report:Nishiki Daiki

Photo: Rocketnews24.

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