Is it possible to prevent both new corona infection and heat stroke? An honest impression that I tried "Mouse Shield"

Against the backdrop of the spread of the new coronavirus, the season is approaching summer. A mask is an essential item in our daily lives, but if you wear it for a long time, you may feel suffocated. Especially when you are moving, you may want to remove it if you can.

As a product that has both splash prevention and heat stroke measures,Mouse shieldIs on sale. What is the feeling of use? I actually tried wearing it to check. You are free from breathlessness,When used in places where unspecified large numbers of people come and go, honestly uneasy..

・Mouth shield covering the mouth

I tried this timeDOUBLE-H maker's "mouse screen"It is. We will start handling from July 3, 2020, and clear white is 3260 yen tax not included. The mirror type is sold for 2100 yen excluding tax. I [Sato] purchased the mirror type. In addition to 3 screens, 6 rubber bands to wear on your ears. It also has 3 strings to fix it behind the head and 3 adjusters.

Assembly is easy. If you want to use rubber bands, put one on each of the left and right holes of the screen and hang it on your ears. In the case of a rope adjuster, pass the adjuster through the rope first, then pass it through the holes on the left and right of the screen to secure it.

・Uneasy in places where many people come and go

When you actually wear it, you can see that the screen is firmly guarded from the jaw to the top of the nose. There are pads on the center and both ends of the screen, which creates a space between the face and the screen, so it is easy to breathe. There is no sense of oppression.

Although the pad hits the chin, it is easier to speak than a general mask, so it may be good for occupations that require conversation. A clear-type screen could show your mouth.

But,A place where an unspecified number of people come and go. For example, I feel uneasy at a station or train... You may be able to prevent your splashes from spreading, but since the outside air is in contact with the nose and mouth, it will be difficult to prevent the splashes from flying. It may be suitable for situations where you are in contact with a limited number of people, or for exercise outdoors. It seems highly effective in preventing heat stroke.

It will be really hot from now on.Infection prevention and heat stroke prevention must be achieved at the same time, Inexperienced summer is coming for everyone. There is still a state of unpredictability. I would like to survive this summer while carrying a mask and preparing for the heat.

Reference link:DOUBLE-H

Report:Hidenori Sato

Photo: Rocketnews24

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