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Is it really interesting? I tried playing Nintendo Switch software “Ninjara''-Engadget Japan version

"Ninjara", a basic free action game released by GungHo Online Entertainment for Nintendo Switch on June 25th. The character design that reminds me of "Splatoon" has been a hot topic even before its release, and it is a highly topical game with more than 3 million worldwide downloads now.

This is a 3D action game in which you control the ninja and run around the stage in a row with action using various weapons and "gum." A battle royal style game mode where up to 8 people fight, and two game modes of 4vs4 team battle are implemented. In this article, I will give you an impression of playing the Batrois format.


Ninjutsu + Gum's novel action game

In Ninjara, the player who wins more scores within the time limit will be the winner. You can get points by destroying the installed drone or killing the opponent player.

Sometimes it's a ninja action, not only the dash, but the character can run around the wall, jump two steps, and move around freely, and you can run around the map freely.

▲A drone placed on the stage. You can get various benefits by destroying

The feature of this work is to fight with "gum". Players go to the battlefield with various weapons called "gum weapons". There are 3 types of gum weapons, Katana, Hammer, and Yo-Yo, each with 4 types, 12 types of weapons in total. It is important to choose the weapon that suits you because the correction to the stats and the ability that can be used are different for each weapon.

Gum Weapons can be upgraded to powerful "Large Weapons" by using "Synobi Energy" obtained by destroying drones. If you defeat your opponent with a large weapon, you will get a higher score than usual, and you will be able to use abilities that you can only use with a large weapon.

▲ Easy to use sword
▲Yoyo who is good at long distances
▲Some have a unique appearance.

There are various actions using gum. For example, you can inflate the gum to guard the enemy's attack, and then use the gum that is derived from the guard to inflate the gum and use it as a jumping tool to restrain the hit opponent. It is called "Shinobi Dash" that can be used by consuming the above Synobi Energy when the gum is inflated in the air.

You can enjoy the innovative actions that combine gum and ninjutsu, such as the powerful "gum ninjutsu" peculiar to weapons that accumulates and uses ninjutsu gauges, and "gum change techniques" that mimic nearby objects.

▲The gum changed to a box. If you use it well, you may be able to catch the other person's surprise

A little accent of this work is the system called "Sousai". A rock-paper-scissor-like conversation that occurs when an attack hits the opponent. The stick is pushed up and down and sideways to make a decision, and if you win it, you have a chance to make a powerful blow. Saw rhinos are at risk, but you can refuse them if you take evasive action.

It is also possible to bring it to Sousai by performing an action called "S burst" using S energy while being attacked by the opponent. There is "break attack" as an action that can beat this S burst and normal guard. A successful break attack against an S burst can destroy the gum weapon, and if the guard is broken, the opponent can be gum bound.

Engadget" credit="Engadget Japan" crediturl="" width="1200" height="923" data-ops=""/> 
<figcaption>▲I am now</figcaption><p>Engadget Japan</p>
<p>In Sawsai, each player makes a judgment by tilting the stick vertically and horizontally. Normal input, back attack, and wide attack are delivered with each input. Normal attack defeats wide attack, wide attack defeats back attack, and back attack defeats normal attack.</p>
<p>Also, if you defeat an opponent who is gum bound or "gum ninjutsu" or "saw rhinoceros", it becomes "IPPON". Not only special production, you can get higher score than normal KO, so this is an element you want to aim for.</p>
<figure><img loading=
▲ If you take IPPON, you can proceed the game with advantage. In addition, the screen is what the author has done IPPON…

One of the attractions of this work is the character design. There are various avatars, and you can customize them to your liking. You can get costumes and emotions as battle rewards, and you can purchase them at a paid shop. In addition, this work also has a Battle Pass that is updated every two months, and you can get rewards by completing quests with both paid and free passes.

▲ Avatar customization is also attractive for this work

In terms of balance, expectation from future Apde

Well, the first thing I really feel when playing this game is that the operation and rules are simpler than I expected. The attack will home by pressing the ZR button near the enemy, and lock the enemy nearby by pressing the R stick. Combos can also be connected by hitting the ZR button repeatedly, and most of the actions such as ninjutsu can be done with one button, so even beginners can quickly get used to "basic" operations. Since the purpose of the game is only to "destroy the drone" and "defeat the enemy", even beginners can easily swallow it.

In addition, the operation feeling was good, and the character moved as I thought, so I could play without stress. You can run around on the map with your own view of the world, so you'll feel refreshed just by moving the characters in the beginning.

In terms of combat, the conversation around "Sousai" is deep, and it is a scene where momentary judgment is required such as when to hit break attack and when to use S burst, which is one of the fun of this work. ..

However, there are places where I feel that there is a shortage of tutorials, and in particular, I felt that I wanted a little more explanation about the system around "Sousai" and the menu screen.

▲The field with its own worldview can be enjoyed just by running around

In the game, basically, the benefit of using a large weapon is great, and since victory points can be obtained just by destroying the drone, battles have started to occur around the drone from the beginning, There are many opportunities to feel interesting.

However, in the current patch, the score of drone destruction is very high, it is possible to penetrate into the upper rank just by destroying the drone by running away from the enemy, and the battle with the enemy is a strategy aiming for so-called "fisherman's interest" It is valid. This is also expected for future updates.

Regarding the update, Gum Weapon, a yo-yo type "Ninja Yoyo" and "Shinobi Spinner", which were more powerful than other things the other day, were nerfed (weakened), and Gum Ninjutsu "Ninja Tornado" was buffed (enhanced). There was an adjustment in terms of balance, such as ri. As for the text of the patch notes, the reason for buff nerf is carefully written, showing the user-friendly attitude.

As a general comment, I felt that "Ninjara" has a unique world view and game system, and it can be said to be a "diamond rough". The release has not yet passed, and some rough parts are noticeable, but there is a possibility that it will be fully garbled depending on future updates.

In addition, this work was released on July 22 (Wednesday) as a packaged version, which includes in-game currency and limited items. This is a basic free game, but if you are interested, please check this out as well.

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