Is it so different perception? Double-working couple had only hopelessness in the "results on housework and childcare" / The pure feeling of passing each other

As I write this article, T-BOLAN's "Pure Passing" is flowing in my mind. ♪ I don't know the song because it's so good ~ pure ~

If you are in your thirties or forties, you probably know a lot, but leave it out of the spirit of the article. That's not what I want to introduce. Not a songHot realityI have to tell you. It's hard to know, but hard to tell. It's so spicy that you can't do it without singing it.

First thing I want to say. The following isComplete male eyesFrom a woman's point of view, there may be some "what?" However, from the feeling that "I can't solve anything by shaking the building""I'm telling my intentions to understand each other."I hope you understand that.

・ Survey with noticeable misalignment

Let's get to the main topic. One of the things that made me feel painful was the results of a survey on housework and childcare. “ Senior mail order '' conducted a “ Survey on housework and childcare of double-working couples '' targeting 500 double-working couples in their 20s and 30s nationwide.Fatal recognition gapIt was revealed that there was.

anything,Approximately 70% of men "share housework and childcare with partners"Despite answering,Approximately 90% of women say that their burden on housework and childcare is greater than their partnerIt seems that he feels.

と き When I knew this result, I thought that I was sharing my housework with my wife,I only had a bad feeling. I'm afraid to talk personally, but my family works together. Although they have no children, they are not forced into childcare, but both work and do housework.

Here are just a few daily routines for your reference. Although I don't have clear rules, my wife mostly prepares meals, and I usually clean up. I feel like I do laundry when I'm off [because my off day is different from my wife].

So, isn't my family doing the chores? Certainly, my job restraint time is longer for me,Overall, my wife is paying much.


I do about 40% of the total houseworkI guess … What about my wife's opinion?

・ I actually asked

So I actually asked. Then …

It became clear that there was a gap between the perceptions of both. Well, it's my problem, so let's leave it here."Unnamed housework"The existence of.

Very roughly,Doing everyday routine housework is not enoughThat means … Men should remember that there is no loss.

・ Discussion is important

That's my story, and I want to go back to the survey. From this result, it would be nothing but barren to try to conclude which is worse. In the first place, the problem of housework is case-by-case by the couple, and there is no way they can do it all at once.

So I'm not going to scream loudly that "a man who doesn't do housework is bad," as in a common article, and I'm not going to argue that "a woman complains too much." I just want to sayIt is true that there is a big gap in housework recognition among many dual-working couplesThat's right.

It can be said that it is an abnormal situation that 70% of men think that it is OK, but 90% of women say "this burden is heavy". And there is no other way but to talk about correcting the gap. There is no solution other than to squash each other.

So if you have a bad feeling, it might be better to ask your partner once. If it's difficult to ask, it's a good idea to start by saying, "It looks like this was the result."

By the way, the last of the lyrics of "Pure Passing""There are no more guys"It is.

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Report:Yuichiro Kazusa

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