Is it true that even rich people review fixed costs?

◆ Revising fixed costs will continue to save money for a long time
Fixed costs can be reduced by reviewing them, and their effects will continue for a long time without being conscious.

For this reason, many people are working on refinancing large mortgages, revising various insurances such as car insurance, and changing the contract ampere of electricity bills.

Services evolve in the same way in all areas, but isn't the Internet-related area particularly changing and evolving rapidly?

I also changed my mobile Wi-Fi, where my two-year contract was unbound. Thanks to their participation, communication costs have been reduced by several thousand yen.

However, in the future, cheaper services, faster and easier to use services will appear, and I think that the current plan will probably be a relatively disadvantageous contract.

That's why registering the date two years later when the contract can be canceled without penalty in the calendar application requires reviewing the Internet connection service, mobile net service, mobile phone billing plan etc. without forgetting We think that there is merit to be able to do it.

Also, when it comes to a fierce battle market, it will be a battle for advertising expenses. For example, an MNP that allows you to change carriers without buying a mobile phone number. Some campaigns can get tens of thousands of yen if you change them to get customers.

◆ The rich do not jump to the latest OS immediately
However, I try to prevent computers and smartphones from jumping to the latest OS immediately. This is because in the early days there are many bugs and there are few compatible applications, so it is often inconvenient to use.

It's a waste of time and effort to operate a PC or smartphone, so when changing it, I'll wait until the next improved version of the latest OS comes out and I know the operation is stable.

Anyway, the fact that you work for a company that has a competitor and is working hard to beat the competition means that the products and services your company sells are more advanced. And that's what every company can say.

So every product and service is getting better and cheaper. I want to make more informed choices while gaining insight into the movements and aims of such companies.

Text = Tokio Kodo [money guide]
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