Is Lake Ikeya's “Nori salty potatoes that have nori” but no seaweed? / I asked a Lake Ikeya person, “Which do you prefer with ordinary“ Nori salt ”?”

Ah … talk about what happened right now!た ら I went to Lawson this morning and found a new product from Koikeya.“ Nori nori tastes nori and salty potato chips ''.

I don't know what you're talking about,Nori tastes without noriThat's it. If it was true … great, this one!

・ Lake Ikeya “Nori has nori but nori tastes salty potatoes”

“Nori has a taste of nori but no salty salted potato chips [165 yen including tax]” is a new potato that was released exclusively by Lawson on January 21, 2020.

Looking at the raw materials, the glue factor is definitely zero!な ら If you can taste the seaweed with this, human beings will have the hope of seaweed salty potatoes no matter what seaweed shortage will occur in the future. This guy is really great!

However, one thing to worry about … In the first place, Lake Ikeya has a normal type "Nori salt potato". More advanced glue salt"Superb sea salt"It should be a company with extraordinary passion for sea salt.

What do people at Lake Ikeya think about this “paste-free paste”? I heard it directly because I was worried!

・ I asked a person at Lake Ikeya

The spokesperson was the spokesperson for Koikeya.

──Why did you develop “Nori Nori Salt” potatoes?

Lake Ikeya"It was the beginning of a collaboration with Lawson that said," I want to make amazing products. "

── Confirmation, is there no seaweed component at all?

Lake Ikeya"It's zero. I used seafood and flavor oils and seafood ingredients to express the flavor of the seaweed."

After listening to the basic information, the place was somehow warmed up, and here is the actual performance.

こ と It's a bit difficult to ask …

Lake Ikeya"Yes"

──Who would like the person in charge, the normal type of sea salt, your company?⁉

Lake Ikeya"[After laughing for a while]Ordinary seaweed saltis not it. Which one is said [laughs] It's a signboard [of Lake Ikeya]! "

Thank you for answering without foolishness!

Furthermore, if you ask, "Nori no salt salty potatoes with no laver taste" express the taste of nori, but there is a difference in flavor from "Nori salt" using real glue That's it.

The difference is suddenly worrisome! A spokeswoman at Lake Ikeya also said, "Please try comparing them!"

・ Compared to normal “Nori salt potato”

So, I tried comparing both products …

Oh no!

Certainly, "Nori has the taste of nori and no salty potatoes," but it has a nori flavor. Also has a refreshing scent of the beach.

However, I felt that "this is different"Whether there is bittersweetness peculiar to blueIt is. Those who can feel that pleasant bitterness are the normal "Nori salt". "No seaweed ~" didn't make me feel. This is probably the difference between "real" and "express the taste of seaweed".

However, on the contrary, the other taste is almost the same"Technology of Lake Ikeya!"It is a word.

Both are delicious, but it seems likely they will be different. Please feel the difference for yourself. If you are interested go to Lawson! Personally, people who liked unseasoned grilled seaweed would like the normal type, and those who like taste seaweed would prefer seaweed taste without salted seaweed and salty potatoes.

Report:Sawai Meg

Photo: Rocketnews24.

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