Is leverage? Regulated background and the charm of the prequel

Leverage have you heard the saying, many people will leverage the original meaning of the”principle of leverage”, in economic activities and others capital is to use the self against the equity in your margin and increase pointing. However, investment much, leverage and”own funds against the investment magnification the meaning of”and if you think good.

【Here】Corona shock summary and this from the equity investment part

Specifically speaking, FOREX account leverage up to 25 times can, but in this case,the account is self-financing for 25 times the funds, the transactions can be which means that. 10 million yen of funds if,up to 250 million yen in foreign exchange trading is possible only. Also, FX other than leveraged can be account as a virtual currency account or the stock account[credit]are exemplified, but the virtual currency in your account, up to a maximum of 4 times,the stock account[credit]a maximum of 3. 3 times that is allowed.

For example, FOREX trading account, the leverage without[leverage 1 times]the transaction if if a $ 1 100 yen if it was,1, 000 dollars in order to buy 10 million yen of funds is necessary. Then, if 1 dollar 100 yen is 1 dollar 101 yen to gainers as a profits, for 1,000 yen. Dollars much, and its price of price range 1 day to greater than 2~3 yen, because the profit is 2~3,000 yen in the range of from,this investment is inefficient and such.

However, the leverage is 25 times, if the 10 million yen of funds in 25,000 dollars to buy, it is possible for a provisional to 1 dollar 100 yen is 1 dollar 101 yen and if it was a profit of 25,000 yen swelled to this. It is only the assets of the rotating efficiency is a good thing.

Incidentally, as mentioned in various accounts of the leverage of the domestic trading account and maximum leverage, but also the FSA is restricted by the result of maximum leverage, and the original is more high leverage that were allowed. For example, 10 years ago,FX account is not 400 times leverage is allowed for the time there. Was 10 million yen of own funds 4,000 million of large sums of foreign exchange trading is allowed there was a time. [Part II to follow][Post:小林弘 Zhuo・The article list to look at]

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