Is "luxury chocolate" bought side by side for more than one hour really delicious? In the editorial department, the result of comparing it with "one piece of chocolate of about 200 yen" was shocking / matrix verification: 4th

Being in line is one gamblingIt can be said. This is especially true for first-time stores. Even if you line up for a few hours, you may find that it is "not a big deal" when you see the real thing. However, it may be "Is there something so great in this world! You don't know where to fall unless you try it. Then …

Let's see it in a line! Is this project "matrix verification". This time, the 4th time, we are in line with the Italian luxury chocolate & gelato brand "Venchi".

If you've read this site a lot, you may have noticed,An article published the other day, "Does guys who praise Italian chocolate really know the difference in taste?"It is a continuation of. Some of you may remember that only I tried last time, but this time I would like to share the results of eating and comparing at the editorial department.

I'm sorry that it's a little bit over the previous one, but here are some things to compare. The first is the chocolate from the Italian luxury chocolate brand "Venchi". According to the staff at the restaurant, the most popular of the chocolate bars is “Ecuador Organic,”What the price1728 yen including tax(70g).

By the way, the first store in Japan of "Venchi" has only been open for a few days, so I had to wait in line for more than an hour to buy.

On the other hand is Meiji's "The Chocolate". This is purchased at "Oka no Machioka",236 yen including tax at 60g(Sales price).The cocoa content is the same as the plate chocolate purchased at Venchi (70%)But the price per gram is about 1/6. Overwhelmingly cheap. The time required to buy is several tens of seconds.

Naturally, Meiji chocolate is far easier to obtain in terms of difficulty. Venchi in Italy is expensive and quite a bit of a hassle to buy, but its taste is … I'm sure … everyone will say … it's delicious … it should!

・ Eating in a blind test

To confirm that, I handed two chocolates to the editorial staff of this site, asked them to sample and asked "Which is more delicious?" When tasting,Since the brand name is hidden, it is not clear which is the high-end chocolate (Venchi) and which is the Meiji. I decided which was better just by taste.

The results are as follows.

P.K.Sanjung → Meiji chocolate is more delicious

"This is overwhelmingly here (Meiji). It's completely different. Another thing is different. Absolutely here. Do you want to eat another one …? (Laughs)? But here (Meiji)"

Duck cat → Venchi chocolate is better

"I like this place (Venchi). Well, I don't really like chocolate itself. Well, I don't really know the difference. But I feel like this place (Venchi) is more expensive."

Hidenori Sato→ Venchi chocolate is better

"Somehow, I think this is better (Venchi), but it's easier to eat here (Meiji). Here (Meiji) I feel that there is extra sugar. I like this (Venchi) ) "

Harada Takashi → Meiji chocolate is more delicious

"I feel like this (Meiji) gradually comes to taste later, but both are simply delicious, right?"

GO Hatori → Meiji chocolate is more delicious. ''

"Is this here a great guy? This one is more delicious. This one is a lot like Venchi, but this one has a lot of cacao and other flavors when I eat it Bang bang bang bang comes in. ''

Ohanahata Mariko → Venchi chocolate is better

"Here (Venchi). Here (Venchi) has a more mellow taste. If the aroma is standing, this (Meiji) is better, but here is the delicious (Venchi). And this one (Venchi) is better. "

Daiichiro Tashiro → Meiji chocolate is more delicious

"I felt that this one (Meiji) had a fragrance that was not found in Japan, and I felt it was strong. But the aftertaste was quite similar. But the taste of the first" contained "was more delicious here (Meiji) I feel it. "

Yoshio→ Meiji chocolate is better

"It's here (Meiji). This taste is less bitter and easy to eat. Because this (Venchi) is bitter and tastes like an adult, I guess it's probably higher here (Venchi) I do. "

So, to summarize the results …

How …!

What ……… !!

■ People who answered that Venchi was more delicious → 3 people

■ People who answered that Meiji was better → 5 people

Repel the overwhelming price difference,Meiji beat Venchi 5-3It is.

How can we explain this situation? Of course, the result of the high quality of Meiji chocolate. But including meThe tongue of our rocket editorial department was not used to high-quality chocolateIt is quite possible. Also, it may have been a chocolate with a little difference in taste. There are various factors, but the result is just the result.

For those who read the previous article, if I say more, it will only sound like an excuse … I want to end this article in praise of the Meiji era.Meiji-san is here!

Reference link:Venchi,Meiji"The Chocolate"

Report:Yuichiro Kazusa

Photo: RocketNews24.

★ Also here → Series "Matrix validation"

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