Is saving the shortest course to poverty? What are the disadvantages?

◆ There is a limit in saving
Don't spend money on waste. Avoid unnecessary expenses. If you can get the same satisfaction, make it as cheap as possible.

So-called savings and frugality are certainly important. It is also necessary to lower the break-even point of life and create a system that allows living at low cost.

In an emergency such as a salary cut or bonus cut, such a hemostatic measure is effective. It takes some time to increase your income, but you can cut costs quickly.

However, given the anticipated tax increases and increased social security burdens, there is concern that savings may not be enough.

For example, a 10% consumption tax automatically increases living costs. Increasing health insurance and pension premiums will put pressure on your life. In that case, the amount of money that can be used is steadily reduced, and the freedom of life is reduced.

In addition, living is still expensive, and you need money to live more comfortably. If your monthly income is 300,000 yen, the maximum usable amount is 300,000 yen, no matter how much you save.

◆ Savings lead to poor ideas
The biggest disadvantage of savings is poverty in thinking. Saving is easy. You just need to find out, compare, and switch to the cheaper one.

Mortgage interest rates, home appliances and clothes, mobile phone charges and vegetable prices. Or just don't buy it.

However, while incomes are not rising easily, many people are not serious about trying to increase their income. The reason is that to increase your income, you have to think deeper and act more thoroughly.

Certainly, savings have the aspect of ingenuity, but there is a difference in ingenuity compared to ingenuity to increase income. So spread the idea.

If you have the time to look for a cheaper item or make a glove with a plastic bottle, use your wisdom to increase your income. Use money to grow yourself.

Humans have the five senses of sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch, but in addition, they are said to have undeveloped abilities from the sixth to the tenth.

From birth to death, humans are said to leave the world using only up to 25% of their brain functions and only a few% at the level of genomic information hidden in genes.

Nevertheless, it is too wasteful to lose my willingness to develop and take advantage of my abilities.

◆ First focus on increasing income
It's often on a TV show, showing how a housewife manages her tears and saves her household. That's a useful program for many others.

But it is different for you. If you are trying to save money, use your head and time to make more money.

It's simple, but if you're a full-time housewife, you're going to work. If you are saying "But I'm raising children, please search for" Home work ".

In today's era, there are many ways to make money at home. My acquaintance earns 1 million yen a month as an affiliate while being a full-time housewife.

This person may be special, but there are those who are affiliates and earn Rakuten points about 200,000 yen per month.

In addition, there are housewives who have applied for contests nationwide, such as dissertations, essays, photographs, product names, character names, Kawayanagi, and the invention of housework goods, etc. through public offerings.

She says she earns about 500,000 yen a year, but she likes it because she can do it anytime, anywhere, and she can do mental exercises with her children.

In addition, some people work as a company employee on weekdays, join the FC restaurant chain, and hire a manager to run the business. Housewives are more flexible because they have more time. Well, there are many ways, right?

◆ Both "I can do" and "I can't" are both correct
Some people may feel, "It's a bad thing for ordinary people."

However, whether you think "can" or "can't", both are true. People who can do it can do it, those who do not do it.

Some might say, "It's such an idealism." But no one will argue that living the ideal and living up from the beginning will have different consequences.

Text = Tokio Kodo [money guide]
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