Is Starbucks new like Komeda? I tried comparing Azuki x coffee with Starbucks "Azuki Nako Fuku Latte" and Komeda "Aoi Azuki Komachi"

Christmas is over, and while the city is suddenly Japanese for the New Year, Starbucks has introduced a Japanese-style beverage using "Azuki" and "Kinako"! "Azuki Nako Warabimochi Fuku Frappuccino and Azuki Nako Fuku Latte].

It looks delicious when you see it, but when it was announced, you heard this voice on the internet."Aren't they similar to Komeda's coffee?"Certainly Azuki × Coffee is Komeda Hako. That it will also appear in Starbucks … What is the difference between each taste?飲 み I actually compared drinking.

・ Starbucks "Azuki Nako Fuku Latte" and Komeda "Aoi Azuki Komachi"

First, let's review some basic information. According to the official site, Starbucks' "Azuki Nako Fuku Latte"

“We poured steam milk into a rich espresso with sweet and gentle kinako and melted and carefully topped with foam milk” [quoted from the official website of Starbucks]

In other words, it is a Japanese-style beverage that combines espresso coffee x milk x anko x kinako.

Speaking of the combination of Azuki and coffee, Komeda Coffee is famous. The ice cream of "Azuki Komachi @ Aoi" is whispered to be similar to "Azuki Nako Fuku Latte" in Komeda. This item contains coffee, milk and Komeda's specialty bean paste. Certainly the configuration is similar.

・ The biggest difference is here!

Well, what both are very similar. As a result of comparing and drinking "Azuki Komachi @ Aoi" without ice, it turned out that there are two major differences!

First of all, "Azuki Komachi @ Aoi" does not contain Kinako. Because of the mushrooms, Starba's latte is fragrant and slightly rough. For Komeda, the taste and the mouth are smooth.

And the second and biggest difference …Anko shapeIs!

Komeda isLarge Anko is Gorogoro. And there are plenty of bean paste that can't be spooned. Whether it's an anko-flavored coffee or a coffee-flavored anko, the anguish of coffee is so compelling.

Starbucks also have plenty of bean jam on the bottom,Sauce, not grains. When stirred, it was integrated with the coffee, showing a wonderful harmony.

-Starbucks or Komeda

I don't think the sweetness will change much. However, Komeda has a wave of sweetness and bitterness because the anko is not completely dissolved. Starbucks, on the other hand, has a completely dissolved bean paste and has the same sweetness wherever you drink.

Is it a savory taste or a sweetness that will last forever? The same anko x coffee makes a big difference. Which do you prefer?

Reference link:Starbucks,Komeda's Coffee

Report:Sawai Meg

Photo: Rocketnews24.

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