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Is the Galaxy A91 / 71/51 unified in a central punch hole with a square camera protrusion? -Engadget Japanese version

Leaked images and information about “Galaxy A91 / A71 / A51 (all tentative names)”, which are expected to be released from Samsung in the near future, are appearing one after another.

First, the above image is a predicted rendered image created from prior information by 91Mobiles of the overseas leak site and @OnLeaks of the leak account. As the model number indicates, Galaxy A91 is positioned as a premium model in the A series.

As a feature of Galaxy A91, there will be a square camera protrusion on the back, and a triple camera will be mounted there. It is reported that the camera configuration is 48 million pixel main + 8 million pixel ultra wide + 5 million pixel telephoto. The punch hole at the top of the display is equipped with a 32 million pixel front camera. It is reported that the display size will be 6.7 inches, and 5G communication compatible models will also appear.

Samsung Galaxy A91 / 71/51 "data-caption =" Samsung Galaxy A91 / 71/51 "data-mep =" 3047661 "src =" -uploaded-images / 2019-12 / 739caa30-1b1d-11ea-9d3f-f7b7b0976763 "/></p>
<p>And the Galaxy A71, which is positioned in the top to mid range, has a square camera protrusion on the back of the main body, just like A91. In addition, the design of the punch hole and front camera at the top of the display remains unchanged.</p>
<p>However, while Galaxy A91 has Snapdragon 855, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of built-in storage, Galaxy A71 has Snapdragon 675 with 6GB of RAM, 128GB of built-in storage and specs. The display size will be 6.7 inches, and it seems that a 5G communication model will also be introduced for China.</p>
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And Galaxy A51 is a terminal that is positioned for the mid-range. This also adopts the design of a square camera protrusion on the back and a punch hole at the top of the display.

The main specs are Exynos 9611 processor with 4GB / 6GB RAM and 64GB / 128GB internal storage. There is a microSD card slot that supports up to 512GB. The display size is 6.5 inches, and it seems to be a quad camera system with a macro lens.

These Galaxy A series are expected to be announced at an event on December 12th in Vietnam. In addition, it is noteworthy how much strategic price is set as A series terminal with excellent cost performance.

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