Is the M-1 loser resurrection today a combination?

The final of "M-1 Grand Prix 2019", which will determine the best comics in Japan, will be held on the 22nd [6:34 pm, live broadcast on TV Asahi]. The 16 finalists in the semi-finals compete for one frame of the loser's resurrection [1:55 pm on the same day], and the nine winners in the semifinals will compete for "Reiwa's first comic talent in Japan."

This year, the strong players lost in the semifinals. With the exception of the third consecutive year's success and the second consecutive year's sketch, mustard lotus root, milk boy, poko, Oswald, Sugar Hironari, New York and Indians are all new to the finals. Therefore, the resurrection of losers is a fierce battle. Until last year, Wagyu, the runner-up for three consecutive years, Miki, Einstein, who have been running for two consecutive years, are aiming to win with the momentum from the resurrection of losers. A reporter in charge of east and west of Nikkan Sports anticipated the resurrection of the loser and the whereabouts of the final.

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<Tokyo Headquarters / Comedy = Toshiya Kotano's forecast>

◆ Resurrection frame Einstein

Is the lossr resurrection within range of Wagyu, Miki and Einstein? Clearly, last year's plus / minus was the most interesting in the resurrection game last year. The laughter at the venue was also broken. Nevertheless, Miki survived the resurrection. Because of the audience voting, the difference in name recognition was too large. Some people said that Miki was favored by Eko, but if the rules set the audience vote, it is natural that the so-called “for girls and children” is strong.

But let's anticipate that Einstein's loser will be revived with hopeless momentum and hope.

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<Osaka Head Office / Performer charge = Nozomi Hosina's reporter's forecast>

◆ Resurrection frame Einstein

Einstein may win the loser's revival. "Yoshimoto Man's Bussy Ranking" revived for the first time in four years. EXIT Rintaro was the 2nd place winner with 160,666 votes. Naoki Inada [34], who won the first place with a large difference of 130,000 votes, showed glasses in the quarterfinals, wearing glasses. Looking at this, not only was it interesting, but also dignifiedly “cool”. I think that the “professional bus” will be further refined by reviving the losers.

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