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Is the MacBook Pro AC adapter smaller? Apple may be preparing GaN products-Engadget


Some say that the MacBook Pro's genuine Apple AC adapter is a big size and is literally a burden for mobile users who often carry it around.

Rumors suggest that Apple may launch an AC adapter using gallium nitride (GaN) material, which is expected to be smaller and lighter this year. According to Chinese website IT Home, Huawei, Samsung, Oppo and Apple are all developing GaN technology. According to Xiaomi sources who have already released GaN-based AC adapters, rumors say that "this year some manufacturers will release GaN power adapters."

The GaN material reduces the number of parts of the AC adapter compared to the conventional silicon semiconductor, and enables the manufacture of a smaller size. For example, the genuine 61W AC adapter included with the 13-inch MacBook Pro weighs about 194g,GaN-based products in the lower 100g range while achieving equivalent or higher outputHas been released one after another by other companies.

What is his ability? IT Home takes Xiaomi's GAN-based AC adapter as an example, "The size of this charger is about 48% smaller than the standard adapter for Xiaomi notebooks. In addition, Xiaomi's GaN charger Type-C 65W USB The interface supports intelligent adjustment of output to multiple devices. High power devices such as the new MacBook Pro and Xiaomi notebook can charge up to 65W. "

The gossip is simply "Apple may be one of the makers that will launch a GaN-based AC adapter later this year," and further details are unknown.

That said, if implemented, MacBook Pro users will be able to lighten their luggage and have the ability to automatically adjust the current required for fast charging, making it easier to charge various devices such as iPhone and iPad. maybe.


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