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Is the production cost of PS5 about $ 450? Are new PSVRs also under preparation? (Bloomberg report)-Engadget Japan


Sony's next-generation game console PlayStation 5 (provisional) is scheduled to be released at the end of 2020,Japanese site is also open.

The price is still undisclosed, but there are rumors that Sony is struggling to set the price, with a manufacturing cost of about $ 450 per vehicle. According to Bloomberg, the story goes on, Sony usually confirms prices in February of the year when it launches new gaming consoles, and will begin mass production in the spring. This month is exactly the price setting phase, but the price of Microsoft's Xbox Series X, which is a competitive hardware, has not been announced yetOfficial remark that "it is hard to see" (it is hard to announce)Just had.

The PS4, launched in 2013, initially retailed at $ 399, but is estimated to cost $ 381 to manufacture. To get the same gross margin on the PS5, at $ 450, the manufacturing cost would have to be at least $ 470. However, it has been pointed out that Sony's most expensive hardware, the PS4 Pro, has a retail price of $ 399.99 and may be shunned by consumers, given that it is usually discounted.

The biggest headache, according to people familiar with Sony's business, is ensuring a stable supply of DRAM and NAND flash memory. The demand for 5G-compatible smartphones, such as Samsung's Galaxy S20 series, which was announced just recently, is exacerbating competition for these memories.

And most of the PS5 components have already been determined, with the cooling system being reported to be very expensive, costing a few dollars per unit. Normally, this kind of part is less than $ 1, but the PS5 is expected to emit more heat due to the powerful chip, so it costs more so that it will not be a problem.

However, it has been reported that prices of $ 470 or more are not necessarily final. Because, in addition to the high profitability of game software, game consoles can benefit from online subscription services (such as PlayStation Plus for Sony) in recent years, the hardware itself has a slight profit or deficit Often they are sold out. It is said that there is a split in Sony's opinion that it is possible to make a loss if necessary according to the price of MS, and that it wants to make profit with the hardware itself like PS4.

The outbreak of the new coronavirus, which is said to also affect iPhone production, has not been said to have affected PS5 production readiness so far.

Separately, it has been reported that Sony plans to release a new VR headset PSVR after the release of PS5. Here, further details are unknown.

Sony's PS5 and MS's Xbox X Series, which one will officially announce the price first? Under the surface of the water, the staff of both companies may be doing a comparison of Gaman that makes the stomach ache.

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