Is the real reason for not increasing money in your heart?

◆ What is mind control of asset management?
Some individual investors are active in asset management and breeding, but are dragging their “back-end” to making money.

But if you don't think you're really good, you won't save money. This time we are talking about asset management mind control.

◆ The idea of ​​Qing and Poor is a virtue in Japan!
There was a novel based on the dual personality “Jekyll and Hyde”, but everyone shares multiple personalities. Angels and devils, hard workers and lazy people, socialists and human haters, yin and yang. Now, even when it comes to money, the same thing is true.

Japanese people have a “philosophy of Qing and Poor” with the virtues of being pure and poor.

“Used as a prestige, to be foolish if you suffer a lifetime without a quiet time. If you have a lot of money, you can protect yourself, buy harm, and cause illness. The ball should be thrown into the cage. " This is an export of Kaneyoshi Yoshida's “Shikan”.

The idea of ​​Qing and Poor was certainly Japanese culture. However, when you look at the world from only this one side, it feels awful.

The rich are the bad guys, making profits is a result of doing bad things, and good people lead to the belief [or comfort] that business and profits are ridiculous [Kaneyoshi Yoshida is not saying that.] for].

In real life, it costs a lot of money. You don't have to be a rich man, but it costs hundreds of millions of yen for any person in his lifetime. After all, it's better to have money than not, and it's a wisdom of life worth knowing how to earn, how to save and how to increase.

The way of life controlled by money is shallow, but it is difficult to live happily if you do not control money.

◆ Belief in money required for asset formation
While I think money is low, it is hard to live while worrying about money. Since the evaluation, attitude, and motives for money are not consistent, you will not be freed from anxiety and worries. It seems that humans cannot grow as long as they have contradictory ideas.

In managing your assets, you should believe that money is a way to realize happiness and that money is better. The lack of money is neither beautiful nor clean.

There are many people who have become rich because of their wonderful personality, such as Konosuke Matsushita and Soichiro Honda. Despise being rich and free yourself from the belief that your poor brain is misunderstood.

◆ Cultural misconceptions that make money
Even though everyone wants to be happy with asset formation, they are unconsciously inclined to spend money deep within their hearts. The belief that making money is a humble thing is a cultural misconception that consists of people who are nasty about money stand out in the world. A person who is timid about money is a person whose purpose is money.

Our happiness and economic activities cannot be free. Some money is essential to be happy.

So you may be trying to make money. Sometimes I do things I don't like for money. If it goes too far and making money itself becomes the purpose of life, then that person becomes a person who is obscene about money.

A person who is nasty about money is a person who does n’t know enough. I do not stipulate how much rich I am to satisfy myself. Without self-control, humans continue to seek “more, more”. There is no limit to human desires. And we will continue to strengthen the sense of life for the purpose of money.

Being rich and happily ending his life! Why is there no myth, fairy tale or old tale? The person who made money the purpose of life could not be happy. Isn't it that no one was able to become?

◆ The key to enriching is the expected rate of return for life
In order to reasonably divide money making as a means of life, money should have a target amount of money. The goal is to create a “mind that knows enough”.

The purpose of life is clarified, the amount of money necessary for it is decided, and asset management is executed for that purpose. By choosing and executing these processes, people can become increasingly intelligent and convincing.

The “expected rate of return on life”, which is the goal of money, serves as a compass to live happily.

Text = Kunihiro Kitagawa [Money Guide]
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