Is the world beyond science fiction waiting? –Technologies that may be realized in the 2020s

In a sense, the future that has been predicted in the science fiction world has already arrived.Human genetic modificationTalking with computers, robots running through forests and flipping backwards are all real.

Expected map of the flying taxi "UberAir"

Flying taxi “ UberAir '' aims to test flight in Melbourne Australia in 2020
Provided by: Uber

However, in the decade starting in 2020, we will step into the world further and will seriously discuss even the tremendous concept of connecting the brain to a computer.

「Published in 2017` `The Driver in the Driverless CarVivek Wadhwa predicts that key advanced technologies will become commonplace by 2030. These include flying cars that have not yet been completed, medical tricoders that can be diagnosed simply by holding them over people, bionic exoskeleton suits, and infinite clean energy.

"Some technologies will take time to spread, but they will definitely come to practical use. The 2020s will be the last decade of dream-like technology," Wadhwa says.

2019 was the year that was set on the stage of the science fiction movie “Blade Runner”. Now that 2019 is over, let's take a closer look at what will happen in the next 10 years.

What happens to a flying car

The prediction that the commuting method preferred by the anime “ Space Family Jetson '' George Jetson and blade runner Rick Deckard will soon appear, once ended with misleading Futurism, but it is attracting attention again now ing. The obstacles to flying around the city are no longer technologies, but laws and logistics. Many small companies already make flying cars, most of which require a pilot's license and cost as much as a helicopter. That's why aerial vehicles haven't replaced the current drivers' vehicles like the Prius.

登場 What is likely to come close to us is probably a flying taxi system. Uber hopes to pilot limited flight sharing in some cities in 2023 using small electric VTOL [vertical take-off and landing] vehicles.

未来 The future of self-driving cars will arrive much sooner. Tesla vehicles already have automatic parking and can store their steering on highways. It is not completely automatic driving, but it has begun.Several other automakers will catch up in the coming yearsThe aim is to reach fully automatic driving by the mid-2020s. There are rumors that Apple will concept an augmented reality [AR] or self-driving electric vehicle with some sort of smart display by 2025.

On the other hand, an engineer and inventor, a former British Telecom “futurist”Ian PearsonPredicts the future of self-driving cars in different ways.

"For self-driving cars, something shocking will happen in the 2020s." Pearson says so.

思 い He envisions that private cars are banned in the center of the city and that the electric "pods"Personal rapid transit systemIs sometimes given priority]. Pods are inexpensive and have only basic functions, and are more like large golf carts with roofs, and run on designated streets under the control of the passenger's smartphone.

Pods used at London Heathrow Airport

Pods used at London Heathrow Airport
Provided by: ULtra PRT

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