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Is there all 6 models of iPhone 12 (provisional)? Hey Siri compatible Powerbeats4 coming soon? Until. Latest Apple rumors summary-Engadget Japan version

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<p>The 2020 iPhone flagship machine, commonly referred to as the iPhone 12 (provisional), is a classic theory that there are four types, all of which are 5G compatible with organic EL displays. Under such circumstances, the analysts of Rosenblatt Securities are predicting that there are 6 models, some of which are only 4G models.</p>
<p>One of the most eye-catching models is the iPhone 12 4G with a 6.1-inch LCD screen and dual rear camera. The iPhone 11 with almost the same specifications is popular with high functionality and a lower price than the previous year, but in order to inherit the route, this class may have analyzed that 5G support will increase the cost.</p>
<p>It also suggests that there may be variations for 5G models that support only sub 6 (bands below 6 GHz) or millimeter waves (high bands such as 28 GHz band). For the time being, it is not clear which model and version will be released, but if it is realized, it will be the largest number of models in iPhone history.</p>
<p>In addition, predictions of the iPhone SE2 (provisional), a small and inexpensive model, are also mentioned. The view that it will be a 4G smartphone with an A13 processor equivalent to iPhone 11 is the same as other companies. However, the “5.1-inch screen (4.7 inches in the standard)” and “Face ID plus Touch ID (only Touch ID is the standard)” are quite unique prospects.</p>
<p><img alt=iFixit

New iPhones in the last few years have continued to update the length of battery life, but there are reports of clues that may further increase.

Rumors that the iPhone 2020 model may be equipped with a custom battery protection circuit that is about 50% smaller than before are expected to be directly related to battery life. Because the battery capacity is basically proportional to the volume (unless the battery cell generation changes), if you can make other parts smaller and have room in the iPhone, you can expect a further increase in volume = longer drive time. Because.

The ELec, which reported this news, also reported that Samsung's next flagship Galaxy S11 (provisional) will also be supplied with a smaller battery protection circuit. In 2020, major smartphone companies are expected to increase the introduction of 5G compatible devices, but 5G devices consume more power than 4G devices, so it will be a competition for “ increasing battery capacity while reducing body size '' That's right.

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<p>Next year's iPhone 12 is all rumored to be 5G compatible, but pricing is the focus of attention. That is every year, but in addition to expensive 5G-compatible modem chips, there are also observations that the price increases are particularly large due to increased manufacturing costs such as increasing power consumption, dealing with heat dissipation problems, and new antennas. (Such as Rosenblatt Securities above).</p>
<p>Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, known for Apple's insider information, denies that view halfway. In other words, although the model can increase manufacturing costs by $ 30-50, Apple is said to be offset by reducing supply chain costs.</p>
<p>Part of the reduction is due to the reduction of “non-recurring engineering payments” to the supply chain. This is a one-time cost for research and development of new products and parts, and it shifts from outsourcing to internal staff.</p>
<p>In any case, the amount of money paid to suppliers is likely to be reduced, but what comes out there is a change in the release schedule of “Release new iPhone every six months”.<a href=Forecast of major financial JP MorganMr. Kuo also supports it, but when that happens, the fluctuation in iPhone sales from season to season will decrease, and the decline in payments is said not to be so serious.

If the new iPhone is released twice a year, in spring and summer, it will stay in line with Samsung. In the first place, iPhone SE2 (provisional) is also seen as a middle range market aim of "providing the latest functions at reasonable prices", but that is alsoSamsung Galaxy A SeriesIs consistent with etc. Apple is a big difference in the global market share of smartphones from Samsung (3rd in the third quarter of 2019), Maybe a big rewind.

Beats "data-caption =" Beats "data-credit =" Engadget Japan "data-credit-link-back =" "data-dam-provider =" Engadget Japan "data-local-id =" local-4-8518393- 1576382797912 "data-media-id =" 4e33f03b-51eb-464b-b3be-9f6dcec751d6 "src =" 9adf-7734096dbd48 "data-title =" Beats "/><br />Beats</p>
<p>In the latest iOS 13.3, the news that the new Beats brand wireless earphone "Powerbeats4" is a clue that it is about to be released. It is reported that the code discovered by the US 9to5Mac mentions that it can be activated with just the voice of “Hay Siri” without tapping.</p>
<p>“Hey Siri” activation was not possible with the original AirPods W1 chip. This means that the new wireless earphones are likely to have the same H1 chip as AirPods Pro.</p>
<p>Powerbeats Pro was "complete" wireless specification, whereas Powerbeats3 is a type in which the left and right ear pads are connected by a cable. Powerbeats4 will probably inherit this specification.</p>
<p>Nearly 30,000 yen only with the main unit price<a href=AirPodsPro rumored to double productionThe complete wireless type has won overwhelming popularity. However, wireless earphones that are not perfect are a little cheaper and have the advantage of not losing the left and right separately.

Apple announced that wearables and home products and accessories revenue in the fourth quarter of 2019 (July-September) has reached $ 6.5 billion, and wireless earphone sales are making a significant contribution Isn't hard to imagine (although Apple hasn't announced actual sales). There seems to be an aim to broaden the market base by sending out various variations.

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<p>On some of the 16-inch MacBook Pros released last month, when music playback is stopped, the built-in speaker emits a noise sound<a href=It was told. Several users have reported that this has been eliminated or reduced when updating to macOS Catalina 10.15.2.

A document sent by Apple to an authorized service provider states that it will be resolved with a software update, and has been instructed not to repair or replace it (that is, not a hardware defect), so it is expected that it will be resolved by updating macOS This is the category.

On the other hand, it is surprising that there is still a lot of noise after the update, but there is still noise, it disappears in some apps but remains in other apps.

"Updates" in Apple's instructions are originally "updates", that is, plural forms, and it is assumed that multiple updates will be necessary in the future. Although it was regarded as a minor problem because of the slight noise, it may be an unexpectedly complicated problem rooted in the structure of the built-in speaker that is said to have greatly improved sound quality compared to previous models.

ipod "data-caption =" ipod "data-credit =" Engadget Japan "data-credit-link-back =" "data-dam-provider =" Engadget Japan "data-local-id =" local-6-7139424- 1576382853399 "data-media-id =" 9a4d3446-2b6e-4482-9044-dc34f8d08ce4 "src =" 9b6c-5f97be64fedf "data-title =" ipod "/><br />It ’s not a rumors, but it ’s one of the most memorable topics in this week ’s topics.</p>
<p>Also at the end of November<a href=An application to convert iPhone to iPod classic is under developmentHowever, it is still waiting for App Store review. In the meantime, another developer got approval of the app “Rewound” based on the same idea and succeeded (temporarily?) In the App Store.

Apple apps and apps that use interface images are generally forbidden in the App Store, but how did you get through that? First of all, the name of “iPod” is not used, and there is one thing that does not hit even when searching the store. And by default, it has a common interface that operates with buttons, just like a common MP3 player app.

The biggest secret lies in the ability to add any image as a player skin. If you download a click wheel-like image on Twitter or Weibo and select it as a skin, the button is disabled and the click wheel operation is enabled. In other words, the downloaded image was not built into the app, so it was not subject to App Store review (A bit like malware techniques).

Nonetheless, the author, Anslow, told The Verge that "the reproduction of the iPod interface was the first aim" and could not argue that "it happened to be similar to iPod classic". In addition, Apple says that Click Wheel is a patent infringement.Defeat confirmed at the Japanese Supreme CourtIf you think that it has been published until forever, it seems that it is no longer available from the App Store for Japan at the time of writing the article.

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