Is there no Ikumen in the world? Wife's dissatisfaction explosion

MC's talk variety, “Yasutomo Tomochika's Kimetsusuke!”, Featuring MCs by sister comic artists Yayoi Umihara [44] Tomoko [48] and Talent Tomochika [46]. The first of the new spring of [Kansai local] will be broadcast from 7 pm on the 7th, entitled "Good luck in Kyoto! @ New Year 2 hours SP".

Guest guests include Rei Okamoto [28], Ai Haruna [47], Maury Robertson [56], Kendo Kobayashi [47], and Tomoharu Shoji [44].

The theme of the corner project Kimitsuke Research is "If you are not a beautiful character, you will lose life!" An expert in handwriting and handwriting psychologists conduct handwriting training for those who are not confident in handwriting. Teaching how to write beautifully. There is also a scene where Shoji reveals his wife and talent Miki Fujimoto [34], saying, "Actually, Mikiti has a really dirty character."

In addition, Kendo Kobayashi showed the opinion of "Kimetsuke" saying "Ikumen is not a good man!" "Is it possible for today's males to catch grotesque insects and throw fastballs! Such men should be" good men "."

Ikumen's image of the world is soft, and he is angry that it is strange that his brilliant father is not evaluated. The women in the studio are convinced, "These people are not called" Ikumen. " In the street interviews, many people commented that "Ikumen doesn't really exist", and many complaints about her husband thinking that he was an Ikunmen after just doing a little housework and childcare. On the other hand, Tomoko said, "I think that my wife is full of angry wives because my husband is called" Ikumen "from around." Where are you! What? " In addition, Yasuyo said, "In my age, I just saw a man pushing a buggy and thought" Ikumen "and so on …" Shoji said, "I want to push a buggy at Baby Honpo, right? And responded quickly. “Sometimes, everyone has eyes… [laughs].” There was also a scene where he talked about the housework that was actually being carried out at home, honestly.

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