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It can be used from the eyes to the face! "Kate Tone Dimensional Palette" gives you one-dimensional make-up with this one

Eye makeup, cheeks, highlights, and even shading with one palette! !

A 6-color palette that offers a higher-grade one-tone makeup from KATE"Kate Tone Dimensional Palette"Will be released on February 1, 2020. Not only can one-tone makeup be used to make the entire face look similar, but it can also create a three-dimensional look with a distinctive skeleton. Let's verify the finish of Kate's new palette with six colors of different textures such as mats and glitter!

From the eyes to the face! Three-dimensional skeletal makeup with six one-tone colors is also free!

Four types of pallets arranged on a white floor

Kanebo Cosmetics6-color palette with one-tone makeup and three-dimensional makeup from the makeup brand "KATE" developed by"Kate Tone Dimensional Palette" (4 types, 6.8 g, 1,800 yen excl. Tax / Editor's investigation, February 1, 2020)Is new!顔 Manipulate the imprint of the face with different textures and contrasts of colors such as mats and glitters, and complete a three-dimensional skeleton one-tone makeup.

There are four color variations in all.

"EX-1 @ Red Brown" is a color based on red brown with a sense of goodness.

"EX-2 @ Purple Brown" is a color based on elegant and sexy purple.

"EX-3 Coral Beige" is a color that can produce a healthy, ruddy feeling that is familiar to the skin.

"EX-4 @ Light Pink" is a light color that creates a translucent and impressive impression.

Each color has a different atmosphere.

The vivid reddish brown color produces a sense of well-being and a stylish feeling!

Eye shadow palette with open lid

This time, "EX-1 @ Red Brown" is the main trial!

Ⓐ is a highlight color with delicate glitter, Ⓑ is an accent color that creates a ruddy feeling, Ⓒ is a matte shade color that creates shadows, Ⓓ is a glitter color that shines large glitter, Ⓔ is a point color that emphasizes one tone, Ⓕ is a dark color with pearl.

Turn on the rudder with reddish brown! One-tone makeup for eyes

First of all, from eye makeup.

Woman applying orange eyeshadow with tip

Put the point color of Ⓔ on the upper and lower eyelids using a thick tip.

Woman applying orange eye shadow on lower eyelid

Next, the dark color of ① is inserted into the eyes as if drawing a line using fine chips.

Finally, apply the glitter color of Ⓓ with your finger as an accent on the upper and lower eyelids. The upper eyelid is on at the center. Put the lower eyelid in the inner corner of the eye.

All colors are highly colored, so only a small amount is needed.

Every time you blink, the glitter of glittering glitter adds a three-dimensional effect and gorgeousness to your eyes!

For a sharp small face with sharpness! Face one tone makeup

Next, we will make the face sharp.

Ⓒ Shade the color from below the eyebrows along the nose to make it lightly blurred.

Hori like a foreigner was born. The height of the nose is emphasized, and the degree of beauty is dramatically improved!

Woman putting highlight around cheek with finger

Next, take the highlight color of ① and put it in the high part of the cheek and the nose line with your finger.

Gather light in high places on the face for a more three-dimensional look.

Finish is teak. Apply an appropriate amount of ア ク セ ン ト accent color to a thick chip and apply lightly around the cheek.

If you blend it with your finger, a natural reddish teak is completed.

Impression of face stands out and is sharp! The red color is stylish and cute. Once I understood how to use it, I could easily finish both point makeup and three-dimensional makeup with this one. Still, it's a lot better than buying eyeshadow, teak, highlights, and shading at the price of 1,800 yen before tax. Because they are put together on one palette, they seem to play a role in shortening makeup!

Woman with makeup palette next to face

"Kate Tone Dimensional Palette" will be available from drug stores and online shops nationwide from February 1, 2020.

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